Examen du laser Domer

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Just received

Just received the product, did 5 minutes on my hand/wrist to test. Felt slight improvement.

3B laser

Nice unit for the money. Seems to work well.
The magnetic lens does not stay on. It needs to be a SCREW on attachment.

Thanks for your feedback. Magnetic lens is a extra accessory for massage, when you do the laser treatment you can take it off.

Laser therapy

I've been using my device for 30 days on my knee and my dogs shoulder and hip. I think the device has helped my dog. The issue is that it makes her feel better and she walks noticeably better...however, if I don't keep up a constant regimine, her improvement slips. With myself, I haven't noticed much change but am continuing for another 30 days to judge results. I feel the investment is worth it thus far.

Seems to help and my dog loves it

I have been using this on my own feet, and my dogs neck and shoulders. I do think my feet feel better the next morning, although the improvement doesn’t seem to persist. I don’t feel much except a slight warmness. But my dog seems to love it, and leans into the pressure and he’s not a fan of most other petting and such. My only complaint is that it came with essentially no guidance as far as time, intensity or frequency. I requested the PDF of protocols and never received it.

Hi, Jean

Thanks for your review!
I am happy to know that your dog love Domer Laser.
The user manual was packaged in the box, and I checked we sent the laser therapy protocols to your email on May 29 after you received the 1300mW Handheld Laser on May 28.
If you didn't notice, I will send you again.


The Laser that I purchased has been most effective with treating all kinds of aches and pains. Our whole family uses it. I would definitely recommend it.

Very pleased

I purchased the laser to use on my dog who has intervertebral disk disease. He had cold laser at the vet for over a year and got a lot of help from it The treatments at the vet use a laser that is more powerful but cost $80 per treatment. I decided to buy the Domer class 3B laser thinking that while it isn’t as powerful as what the vet uses the fact that I can use it more frequently would equal out the treatment. Over time the Domer laser will be more cost effective that treatments at the vet. My veterinarian reviewed the specs of the device and agreed with the plan. I think it is helping my dog but since he can’t tell me how he is feeling I decided to do an experiment. I have rheumatoid arthritis with equal pain levels in both wrist. I began treating my left wrist but not my right. After 10 days I have almost no pain in my left wrist. It indeed works. I am very happy with my purchase.

Shoulder pain

For years I had shoulder pain probably due to a less than perfect tennis serve. When I was in the gym it hurt too much to do bench presses. After just 2, 10 minute treatments with my 1300mW Domer laser the pain is almost totally gone.

Great addition to my business

I was honestly a bit of a skeptic when I decided to pursue my cold laser certification to add more modalities to my animal massage business. Around the time I was looking at lasers though, one of my dogs developed sudden onset of what the vet diagnosed as arthritic pain in his shoulder. I opted for laser protocols at my vet's office and immediately bought what I found to be the best valued 3B laser, so i could perform his treatments at home instead and finish my certification.
The laser has more than paid for itself at this point. It has helped with my dog's arthritis (as well as my own in my knee), and I worked with one of my client's vets to treat a suspensory injury with it as well, with great results. Overall it seems to be a quality laser and the customer service was helpful when I didn't receive an email with the protocols when I purchased it.

Purchased for home use on my dog with arthritis

This was one of the few class 3b lasers I found that could be purchased for use on my dog at home and I decided to purchase for myself to reduce the cost of weekly visits to the vet in the long term. I love that I received easy to follow protocols for use after purchasing and that the company is now offering a training session (the unit is user friendly, but I’m a visual learner so I appreciate opportunities to watch and ask questions). Overall, happy with my purchase.

Dear Kate,

Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with our Cold Laser Therapy Device. We are thrilled to hear that it has been beneficial for your dog's arthritis and has helped reduce the cost of weekly vet visits in the long term.

We are glad that you appreciate the easy-to-follow protocols and the opportunity for a training session. We are always here to provide support and assistance for our valued customers like you.

Thank you for choosing our product and we hope it continues to bring relief to your furry friend.

Still learning

I have only recently received this and and am still learning to use it on my knee injury - pulled or tweaked my knee a few weeks ago. My physical therapist recommended using a device link this. If you write a review they offer some additional video training. I’m excited to learn more. Does seem to help/speed healing. No side effects for me so far. I use it about 10 minutes per day five days per week.

Aha, thanks for your review.
I believe we can help you get the good results for your knee injury. Megan

Giving it time

I have osteoarthritis pain in both knees. So far no results from the laser therapy but the customer service has been superb and they have instructed me on a more customized way to use the laser to ease my pain and I’m hopeful that will help.

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're sorry to hear that you haven't seen results yet from the laser therapy, but we're glad to hear that our customer service has been helpful. We truly care about our customers and are always here to provide support and guidance. We hope that the customized approach we suggested will bring you relief from your osteoarthritis pain. Keep us updated on your progress and don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else. Wishing you all the best!

I am very happy with my Domer Class 4 Cold Laser!

I have been utilizing my wonderful Domer class 4 mini For almost a year on Arthritic areas daily, And I'm very happy with the results.
Domer Is very responsive, helpful and kind. I purchased the brush for my hair as well, and it also helped me quite a bit. I highly recommend purchasing from Domer Laser!

Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for your review. We're thrilled to hear that you are happy with your Domer Class 4 Cold Laser and that it has been providing you with relief from your arthritis. We pride ourselves on our responsive and helpful customer service, and we're glad we could assist you with your purchase. We hope that our laser continues to provide you with great results. Thank you for recommending Domer Laser!

Everyone should have one

This laser should be in every household. I use it on humans.dogs, and even my tortoise.

It has helped an 11 year old dog go from trouble walking up and fown stairs to bouncing down 5 flights of steps with no problem, like a puppy.

I recommend this laser to anyone who will listen.

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review for our Cold Laser Therapy Device. We truly believe that it is a must-have for every household, and we are so glad to hear that it has been beneficial for both humans and animals in your home. We are especially happy to hear about the improvement in your 11-year-old dog's mobility. Thank you for recommending our product to others. We appreciate your support!

Great option for self-care

I’ve had it for over a year now. . It’s helped me with a variety of issues. Especially shoulders and back. And it’s very easy to use. it was suggested to me by the Acupuncturist I use..

Thank you for your kind review! We're so glad to hear that our Cold Laser Therapy Device has been a helpful addition to your self-care routine. It's great to know that it has provided relief for your shoulders and back. We appreciate the recommendation from your Acupuncturist and are happy to hear that our product has lived up to their suggestion. Thank you for choosing our product and we wish you continued success with it.


I purchased this device to use on my great Pyrenees with hip dysplasia, I am a Massage Therapist, 25 years now. I have had a lot of pain in my thumbs and decided to try this device on myself, I am so pleasantly surprised by how effective it is. The very first use I felt a difference. I’ve continued to use it on myself and my dog. I have experienced extreme relief of the pain I had in my thumbs in my hands. She seems to have more of a spring in her step so I highly recommend this!

Hi, Melissa.
Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with our Cold Laser Therapy Device! We're thrilled to hear that it has been effective in providing relief for both you and your dog. It's great to know that as a Massage Therapist, you've found this device to be helpful for your own pain as well. We truly appreciate your recommendation and hope it continues to bring you and your furry friend relief. Thank you for choosing our product!

Great Class 3B Laser

I have been using the Domer Class 3B laser for several weeks. I am impressed by the quality of the laser, the lasers features, and ease of use.

Thank you for leaving a review! We are thrilled to hear that you are impressed with our Domer Class 3B laser. We take pride in providing high-quality products with advanced features for pain relief. Thank you for choosing us for your cold laser therapy needs.

Good value

Quality equipment to relieve pain

Hi, Daaron
Thank you for your kind feedback! We strive to provide quality equipment at a good value for our customers.

Hand held laser

Like the well made unit. Haven’t used it long enough to comment on the effectiveness.

Domer review

I've been using the 1300mw model a few weeks now and getting used to positioning it without unintentionally hitting the buttons. It seems to have helped relieving some joint pains etc. It's a well made device . The massage attachment should help with muscle tightness while cold lasering the tissue.

It works so well, it's hard to believe

Our retired service dog 13 year old American staffordshire, came to us for retirement 4 months ago. His hindquarters were wasted and he had pronounced lower spine scoliosis. After about 2 weeks of treatments, he has filled out with muscle and is getting stronger with less limping and trembling. The whimpering has quit. He sleeps much better now. I am so grateful, and excited about continued improvement. At the same time I have used the Domer on my left leg where the gracilis muscle is. Pain has tormented me there for years. To my utter surprise I have gone for 2 days now with brief minimal twinge of pain. My Domer is a keeper. Again, thank you so very much!

Affordable low level laser for home and clinic use

This machine is so easy and convenient for hone and clinic use. It is easy to understand and user- friendly. Ive been using it to my patients for pun management and for injury recovery, I received good feedbacks with immediate relief after one to two sessions. I recommend this product for physiotherapist to add this to your treatment plan.

Cold laser

Love this little device. So far it has changed the skin color in the area that I had the most damage to. To regenerate the skin cell to absorb the damage cells.

Nice laser

My horse and dog really seem to enjoy their treatments with this laser.