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Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Millimeter Waves for Diabetes, Tumor, Cancer Treatment

Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Millimeter Waves for Diabetes, Tumor, Cancer Treatment

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Product Description

What is Millimeter Wave Therapy?

Millimeter-wave is a 1-10mm electromagnetic wave, it is equal to frequency range 300GHZ-30GHZ, it is a low power, short wavelength, high-frequency electromagnetic wave and locates in the interchange of the light wave, also called an extremely high-frequency electromagnetic wave.

Millimeter-wave electro-magnetic therapy is supplemented by way of energy through the meridian, body fluid pathways, and neural pathways, to regulate the patient immune system.

Millimeter-Wave Therapy Machine

Operating Frequency: 30Ghz - 45Ghz
Millimeter Wavelength: 7.5mm -10mm
Output Power Density: 4mW/cm2 - 9mW/cm2
Related Input Power: <35VA
Power:   AC220V, AC110V/50Hz
Anti-shock Therapy Device Type: Class II
Application Part Type of Protection:

B - Type Indication of Millimeter Wave Therapy

Indication of Millimeter Wave Therapy Machine 

1. Cancers(lung cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer…)
2. Tumors
3. Diabetes Type II Diseases & Diabetic Complication(Diabetic Skin Ulcer/Diabetic Foot/Diabetic Skin ulcer/Diabetic Neuropathy...)
4. Chronic Diseases Like Chronic Pain, Osteoarthritis...

Millimeter-Wave Therapy for Cancer Treatment 

How Does the Millimeter Wave therapy machine Treat Cancer? 

The frequency range of the Millimeter-wave therapy machine is 30GHZ-45GHZ, which is the same as that of healthy cells. When Millimeter-wave irradiates the relevant acupuncture point of the human body, produces coherent resonance, the biophysical or biochemical effects can be produced at the site dozens or even thousands of millimeters away from the irradiation area, to improve tissue function and regeneration ability, and enhance the excretion of pathological products to achieve the purpose of pain relief, inhibit the cloning ability of cancer cells significantly.

For initial stage cancer, millimeter-wave can inhibit and kill cancer cells.
For middle-stage cancer, millimeter-wave can inhibit the cancer cells' growth and prevent the cancer cells spread.
For late-stage cancer, a millimeter-wave can relieve the pain of the patient.

Three Advantages of Millimeter-Wave Therapy for Cancer pain

1. Avoid or greatly reduce many side effects, such as dependence, addiction, and drug resistance caused by analgesics

2. MMW also has the effect of killing or inhibiting cancer cells, which is not found in any analgesics
3. The treatment method is simple, safe, and without injury and side effects, which is welcomed by patients.

    For example, Millimeter Wave Therapy on Breast Cancer - Acupoint

    Adopt the millimeter-wave therapy machine to irradiate the S 18(Rugen), P6(Neiguan), RN17(DanZhong) acupoint, once per day, 30 minutes each time.

    Breast Cancer Treatment

    Millimeter-Wave Therapy Instrument for Diabetes, Diabetic Complication Treatment 

    How Does Millimeter Wave Work on Diabetes? 

    As we know, when the β cells in the pancreas can't secrete insulin, or this ability gets weak, diabetes appeared. We combine the millimeter-wave with Chinese acupuncture to improve the β cells' immune function, microcirculation, and regulation of the β cells' endocrine and nervous systems. In this way, the β cells can re-secrete the insulin and cure the diabetic-caused complications diseases. Its efficacy for diabetes and diabetic complication is around 95%.

    Millimeter wave therapy machine

    MMW Machine Treat Diabetes Type 2 Protocol

    Use the Millimeter-wave (MMW) to irradiate the Pancreas + Di Ji acupuncture point +Three Yin channels of foot +Shen Shu, please refer to the picture below.

    Millimeter wave therapy for diabetes treatment

    Clinical Test Approved

    After about 20 days of treatment, glucose will decrease to 2 levels.
    After about one 1-month diabetic foot will be cured.

    Clinic Research to Confirm the Effective of Millimeter Wave Therapy Machine

    1. Therapeutic Effect of Millimeter Wave Conduction Therapy According to the Way of the Meridian on Cancer Pain, visit Millimeter Wave Therapy

    2. Therapeutic effect Observation of millimeter wave therapy irradiation on 33 cases of bone metastases from breast cancer, visit Millimeter Wave Therapy

    3. The Clinic Study of Diabetes Treatment Instrument Treat 50 Cases Who Suffer DPN, visit MMW for diabetes

    4. Millimeter Wave and Drug-Induced Modulation of the Immune System - Application in Cancer Immunotherapy | Mahendra K. Logani*, Mahendra K. Bhopal and Marvin C. Ziskin | Center for Biomedical Physics, Temple University School of Medicine, USA

    5. Blood-Sugar Monitoring by Reflection of Millimeter Wave Yoshio Nikawa and Tetsuyuki Michiyama | Graduate School of Engineering, Kokushikan University 4-28-1 Setagaya, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo, 154-8515 Japan | (PDF) Blood-Sugar Monitoring by Reflection of Millimeter Wave

    Features of Millimeter-Wave Therapy Instrument

    1. No-side effects, no drug dependence or infection, no pain, safe physiotherapy
    2. No radiation no heat damage no side effect
    3. Long-term curative effect(more than 95%curative effect for diabetes complications ), not easy to reappear
    4. Can adjust or restore patients' immune function
    5. For medical and household use

    Reviews of Millimeter-Wave Therapy machine for Diabetes, Cancer Treatment

    Millimeter wave therapy review

    Millimeter wave therapy review

    For details of the Millimeter Wave Therapy Reviews, welcome to watch Dr Hesham el-essays video below:

    Millimeter-Wave Therapy Contraindication 

    Eye diseases and organ transplant recipients, patients with pacemakers, pregnancy, and patients with bleeding disorders are prohibited to be treated by millimeter-wave.

    Why Order From Domer Laser? 

    We are the professional supplier of Physical Therapy devices in China, with many years of experience, we supply full 1 years warranty, faster delivery, excellent after-sales service, what's more after you order, we will email you the professional treatment protocols, which was concluded by thousands of our clients, the treatment protocols will determine the results of Millimeter Wave therapy. 

    Diabetes treatment protocols: diabetes and diabetic foot, diabetic skin ulcer, diabetes neuropathy vascular lesions, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, diabetes drink more polydipsia, diabetes much eats &hunger, diabetes god tired & luck of power, diabetic lower extremity weakness &convulsions & cold pain, diabetes skin itchy;

    Cancer and tumor protocols: breast cancer, lung cancer, rectal cancer, bladder cancer, head and neck cancer, liver cancer, lymphoma cancer, brain metastatic cancer, esophageal cancer, etc.

    Main Structure 

    1. Host x1
    2. Millimeter wave irradiation head x1
    3. Treatment straps x1
    4. Power cord x1
    5. User manual x1

    We are from China, the delivery time is about 3days, free shipping by express, warranty term is full one year.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Luis Najera

    Perfect working and great device

    Henrik Andersen
    Good equipment to the price

    Fast delivery, super service.

    Niklas Geiger
    Very good procuct and easy shipping to Germany

    I used it for torn ankle ligaments. in 48h I could walk and run without problems.
    If you get it shipped to Germany, you only pay VAT (19%MWSt.). After recieving the product by FedEx you´ll get a letter from the custom services.

    Tracey Pierce
    Millimeter Wave

    It has been good. I think its working to help her tumors shrink.