Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

The Clinic Study of Diabetes Treatment Instrument Treat 50 Cases Who Suffer DPN


We extracted 100 patients who caught T2DM randomly and divided half of them as the treatment group and the rest as the study group. They are all generally associated with symptoms such as numbness, stabbing pain, disesthesia, and abnormal sensations in various degrees. In order to control blood sugar effectively, the patients are not only cured by heeding their diets, athletics, oral medication, and MSII, but also by using diabetes treatment instruments controlled by computers to have acupoint therapy.

Results: To compare with the compared group, the treatment group gets distinct results.

Conclusion: Using a diabetes treatment instrument to treat DNP can improve or ease sensory symptoms effectively.

Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus Therapy Instrument; DPN

Diabetes mellitus therapy instrument connects the basic principle of medicine meridian tradition in Chinese and modern electric millimeter wave and electrical pulse technology to give radiation and electrical stimulation on patients’ points in order to improve clinical symptoms and stimulate microcirculation. It is a new therapy way to treat DPN and get rid of hinder on microcirculation to a certain extent.

Clinical materials

100 patients suffering from T2DM averagely have obvious symptoms such as pain and cold in terminal limbs and abnormal sensations. The inspection of the nervous system indicates that there is a poor sensation of strong feeling and vibration. Therapy group, including 50 patients aged 45 to 85 years old, with 31 males and 19 females. They have a medical history ranging from half a year to 30 years and accept 7 to 30 treatments. And the compared group also has 50 patients ranging in age from 41 to 89 years old, with 27 males and 23 females, with a half- to 30-year medical history.

Therapy methods

On the basis of diet control and exercise therapy, patients should use correctly hypoglycemic drugs intravenous drip 0.9 percent NS 100ml plus mecobalamin 500 to1000ug or 0.9 percent NS 100ml plus ligustrazine0 14mg. Once a day, 14 days as a course of treatment, improving microcirculation, nutritional neurological treatment. In addition, the treatment group was treated with a diabetes treatment device. First, choose the seventh prescription acupoint: Feishu, Pancreas Yu, Zhong Yu, Guanyuan, Yujian,Taixi, Zusanli (right), Yanquan (left), common spot. Second, the millimeter wave probe is placed on the left-hand Hegu common spot, and the intermittent working frequency is adjusted so as to achieve the best curative effect. Once a day, the treatment pulse frequency should be 1 HZ. Millimeter wave irradiation frequency: 36 GHz.

Time of therapy: 4 minutes for each acupoint countdown(error ±2s) 8-way automatic switching, 32minutes in total. The acupuncture parameters setting is the setting of the treatment parameters of the ultralow frequency pulse therapy, 10 to 15 days as a course.


Treatment results are as follows: There are 50 patients in the treatment group, excellence in 16, effective in 30, invalid in 4 and the total effective rate reached 92 percent. And 50 patients are in the compared group too, excellence in 12, effective in 23, invalid in5 and the total effective rate reached 70 percent.


The computerized diabetes therapeutic apparatus is a non-invasive, traditional Chinese medicine high-tech electronic therapeutic instrument developed in accordance with the principle of traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory combined with modern electronic homibo technology. And its principle is to use advanced millimeter wave pulse to stimulate human acupuncture points. Through the neurohumoral and meridian pathways to achieve energy conversion, patients’ cell metabolism increase and body’s immune function enhance, so that the capillaries expand and extend and blood flow velocity changes and blood volume increase. That will effectively improve the skin itching caused by high blood sugar and some symptoms such as numbness or paresthesia in the low extremities. It can effectively improve the microcirculation of hyperthyroidism and it can prevent and treat microvascular disease in diabetic patients. At the same time, it can promote nerve conduction and regeneration and it has a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of DPN. It is currently an advanced medical device for non-drug treatment of DPN. The observation in this group shows that the effect on DPN treatment is great and the therapeutic apparatus can be used in the clinic.


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