Diabetes, Tumor, Cancer Treatment via Millimeter Wave Therapeutic Instrument

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Millimeter wave therapy is noninvasive, painless, it has an inhibitory on the cancer cells, the tumor burden decreased and pain will disappear. Change the blood rheological properties, strengthen the local tissue metabolism and promote absorption of inflammation, eliminate swelling, relieve pain.


The human body is composed of numerous cell biological electric field when cells absorb the nutrients and converted into energy, then the cell can produce vibration, the system of human body use the vibrations to regulate the cell's metabolism. As we know, the frequency of healthy cells is 30-45GHZ, the millimeter wave therapy applies 1-10mm electromagnetic wave, it is a low power, short wavelength, the frequency range is 30GHZ-45GHZ, which is same with that of healthy cells.

When we adopt the 30GHz-45GHz millimeter wave irradiate the human body, produce coherent resonance, in this way, to makes the cell membrane potential changes, the membrane potential is separated, to make the unhealthy cell to the healthy level, then, it can eliminate the pathological changes on the cell membrane and improve the permeability of cells, improve the body’s function of nutrient transformation and metabolism, to achieve the goal of curing disease.

Millimeter Wave Treatment Characteristics

1) Non-thermal effect

When the human body is irradiated at low power density (<10mW/cm2), the body's immune function is enhanced, but the temperature rise at the irradiated part does not exceed 0.1℃. because the millimeter wave quantum is two orders of magnitude smaller than the weak hydrogen bondability ( This is an explanation of non-ionizing radiation), Therefore, low power millimeter-wave radiation has a significant energy efficiency and does not cause any damage in the tissue.At the same time, the external radiative power is completely the formation of control signals to affect the information transmission of the organism, thus producing the immunological effect. The non-thermal effect of millimeter waves has an irreplaceable special status in the treatment of acute inflammation and acute trauma, especially in the case of acute diseases such as burns, scalds, sprains, and cuts that are strictly prohibited within 24 hours. Millimeter waves are not subject to time constraints and can be treated at any time.

2) Distal effect

When the local skin absorption the energy of millimeter wave, the biological resonance can pass through nerve endings in the skin, all kinds of feelings of cells, body fluids, such as blood vessels to the depths of the body to cause organisms to produce systemic distal effect, the mechanism involves the macroscopic transmission path such as nervous system and immune system.

3) The cumulative effect of time

When millimeter waves are used to treat some chronic diseases, they can show obvious effects only after a period of treatment. The body absorbs millimeter-wave electromagnetic energy. Only the high-frequency electromagnetic energy is converted into chemical energy, and the potential of the cell membrane and the ion permeability are improved, thereby achieving remarkable effects.

More importantly, for patients with malignant tumors, and low immune function. Millimeter-wave therapy can increase the immune response of Th1 cells, increase the production of IL-2, IFN-y and/or GM-CSF, activation of NK cells, etc. The kill the tumor cells, the inhibition of tumor cell metastasis, and the improvement of the quality of life of cancer patients all play a significant role.

Diabetes treatment by millimeter wave


Cure diabetic caused complication diseases, such as diabetic food, diabetic nephrosis, etc.
Inhibiting cancer & tumor cells growth, and relieve pain 


Operating frequency: 30GHz-45GHz
Wavelength: millimeter wavelength 7.5mm-10mm
Output power density: 4mW/c㎡-9mW/c㎡
Rated input power: &lt;35VA
Power: AC110V/60Hz &amp; AC220V/50Hz
Anti-shock therapy device type: Class I


Millimeter wave therapy can inhibit cancer, tumor cells growth, and relieve the pain.
For initial stage cancer, millimeter wave can inhibit and kill cancer cells
For middle stage cancer, millimeter wave can inhibit the cancer cells growth and prevent the cancer cells spread.
For late-stage cancer, millimeter wave can relieve the pain of the patient.

Millimeter wave therapy has achieved the great effect on cancer, tumor treatment. MMW can avoid or reduce the effects, dependence, drug resistance and other hazards caused by painkillers. Millimeter wave therapy can play an active role in cancer patients, millimeter wave can be used alone or in combination with other treatment methods to form a significant effect of anti-cancer synthesis therapy, millimeter wave therapy for the pain of cancer has high efficiency and quick result.


As we know, when the β cells in pancreas can't secrete insulin, or this ability gets weak, diabetes appeared. We combine the millimeter wave with Chinese acupuncture to improve the β cells immune function, microcirculation, regulating the β cells endocrine and nervous system. In this way, the β cells can re-secrete the insulin and cure the diabetic caused complication diseases.Its efficacy for diabetes and diabetic complication is around 95%.

cancer treatment


Use the Millimeter wave (MMW) irradiate the Pancreas + Di ji acupuncture point +Three Yin channels of foot +Shen Shu, please refer to the picture as below.

diabetes treatment acupunture

Clinical Test Approved:
After about 20 days treatment glucose will decrease 2 levels.
After about 1-month diabetic foot will be cured.


Yes. if you want, please emai:


Best treatment time: before 7a.m., after 9p.m..Twice per day, each treatment 30 minutes.
*Tips, if you drink 200-300 ml water before the treatment, the effect will be better. Patients can use the millimeter wave therapy instrument by themself at home.


Eye diseases and organ transplant recipients, patients with pacemakers, pregnancy, patients with bleeding disorders are prohibited to be treated by millimeter wave.


After you order, we will email you the protocols as below:

Diabetes treament protocols: diabetes and diabetic foot, diabetic skin ulcer, diabetes neuropathy vascular lesions, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, diabetes drink more polydipsia, diabetes much eats &hunger, diabetes god tired & luck of power, diabetic lower extremity weakness &convulsions & cold pain, diabetes skin itchy;

Cancer and tumor protocols: breast cancer, lung cancer, rectal cancer, bladder cancer, head and neck cancer, liver cancer, lymphoma cancer, brain metastatic cancer, esophageal cancer, etc.


The millimeter wave therapeutic instrument, treatment straps, power cord, user manual, warranty card, treatment protocols.

We are from China, the delivery time is within 2days, free shipping by express, warranty term is full one years.

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