Examen du laser Domer

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Still learning

I have only recently received this and and am still learning to use it on my knee injury - pulled or tweaked my knee a few weeks ago. My physical therapist recommended using a device link this. If you write a review they offer some additional video training. I’m excited to learn more. Does seem to help/speed healing. No side effects for me so far. I use it about 10 minutes per day five days per week.

Giving it time

I have osteoarthritis pain in both knees. So far no results from the laser therapy but the customer service has been superb and they have instructed me on a more customized way to use the laser to ease my pain and I’m hopeful that will help.

I am very happy with my Domer Class 4 Cold Laser!

I have been utilizing my wonderful Domer class 4 mini For almost a year on Arthritic areas daily, And I'm very happy with the results.
Domer Is very responsive, helpful and kind. I purchased the brush for my hair as well, and it also helped me quite a bit. I highly recommend purchasing from Domer Laser!

Everyone should have one

This laser should be in every household. I use it on humans.dogs, and even my tortoise.

It has helped an 11 year old dog go from trouble walking up and fown stairs to bouncing down 5 flights of steps with no problem, like a puppy.

I recommend this laser to anyone who will listen.

Great option for self-care

I’ve had it for over a year now. . It’s helped me with a variety of issues. Especially shoulders and back. And it’s very easy to use. it was suggested to me by the Acupuncturist I use..


I purchased this device to use on my great Pyrenees with hip dysplasia, I am a Massage Therapist, 25 years now. I have had a lot of pain in my thumbs and decided to try this device on myself, I am so pleasantly surprised by how effective it is. The very first use I felt a difference. I’ve continued to use it on myself and my dog. I have experienced extreme relief of the pain I had in my thumbs in my hands. She seems to have more of a spring in her step so I highly recommend this!

Great Class 3B Laser

I have been using the Domer Class 3B laser for several weeks. I am impressed by the quality of the laser, the lasers features, and ease of use.

Hand held laser

Like the well made unit. Haven’t used it long enough to comment on the effectiveness.

Domer review

I've been using the 1300mw model a few weeks now and getting used to positioning it without unintentionally hitting the buttons. It seems to have helped relieving some joint pains etc. It's a well made device . The massage attachment should help with muscle tightness while cold lasering the tissue.

It works so well, it's hard to believe

Our retired service dog 13 year old American staffordshire, came to us for retirement 4 months ago. His hindquarters were wasted and he had pronounced lower spine scoliosis. After about 2 weeks of treatments, he has filled out with muscle and is getting stronger with less limping and trembling. The whimpering has quit. He sleeps much better now. I am so grateful, and excited about continued improvement. At the same time I have used the Domer on my left leg where the gracilis muscle is. Pain has tormented me there for years. To my utter surprise I have gone for 2 days now with brief minimal twinge of pain. My Domer is a keeper. Again, thank you so very much!

Affordable low level laser for home and clinic use

This machine is so easy and convenient for hone and clinic use. It is easy to understand and user- friendly. Ive been using it to my patients for pun management and for injury recovery, I received good feedbacks with immediate relief after one to two sessions. I recommend this product for physiotherapist to add this to your treatment plan.

Cold laser

Love this little device. So far it has changed the skin color in the area that I had the most damage to. To regenerate the skin cell to absorb the damage cells.

Nice laser

My horse and dog really seem to enjoy their treatments with this laser.

Works amazing

Used it in myself for muscular pain and used it in a patient who had a fall (no bruising present ) helped relieve pain. The quality is great and it's compact. Which is had another set of glasess. 100% recommend. Great price point

The Ultimate Fix

I was surprised how quickly the Dormer Laser worked. I’m using it all over my body. For muscle sprains to skin irritations and also on my feet to promote better circulation. This is the best money I have spent . My skin irritation got better in two days!!

We love having this Cold Laser Therapy Device

This little device has been quite busy. My husband and I are in our 60's and it has helped our knees and joints. We are using it all the time. It has also been used on our dog, who was paralyzed during a routine spay many years ago. We've been using it on her back, legs and feet. It does appear to help her. We are very glad to have it.

Domer Class 4 Laser

Product is great. Patients enjoy the therapy. Service and deliver of the equipment was smooth and effortless. Thank you.


After a month with the new laser and getting my Golden Retriever accustomed to the laser I am so pleased that it has helped with her hip dysplasia. I am a believer of this tool and the quality is top notched!

I received my Domer cold laser within 5 days of ordering online which is amazing considering the device was shipped from Hong Kong, China and I live in the midwest of the USA. The device is of good quality. I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you Domer.

I can see now improving to my dog l think it helps him he’s limping less than before and helps me with my knee happy to have cold laser Thank you 🙏