660mW Handheld Laser for Pain Relief, best Laser Therapy for dog and people

  • Domer 660mW Handheld Laser is portable and affordable, the effective rate is up to 95% for pain relief, Domer cold laser therapy is suitable for dogs, horses, pets, and people for home use. 
  • 660mW Handheld Laser is designed to operate at 650nm & 808nm low-level wavelength and intensity laser to provide an array of healing benefits, for example, repairing the soft tissue, reducing inflammation, and transmitting pain.
  • Cold Laser Therapy device is safer and more effective over 5000 laser therapy clinical trials ( RCTs) and over 9,000 laboratory studies have been published.
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  • 100$ Dollar Cold Laser treatment protocols free to shows you how to operate the laser, where to treat, help you get the better results 
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    How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

    Cold Laser Therapy is A Drug Free Alternative, Painless, No Side Effective, Domer Laser treat a wide range of Acute & Chronic Pain, Anti-inflammation, Wound, etc.

    Improve Blood Circulation 

    The 650nm wavelength low level laser directly irradiates the lesion par which blood flow is decreased, or irradiate the sympathetic ganglion which dominates this range. It could supply sufficient blood and nutrition, to accelerate the metabolism and relieve the symptom.


    The 650nm cold laser irradiates the lesion area, to enhance the activity of phagocyte and increase the immunity, and diminish the inflammation quickly.

    Relieving the pain 

    The 808nm wavelength low level laser can work under the skin 3-5 centimeters to accelerate the soft tissue repair, the injured party could release the substance similar to morphia after the cold laser treatment.The irradiation also could reduce the conduction rate, power and impulse frequency to receive the pain quickly.

    Cold Laser Therapy Application

    Domer Handheld Laser is a safe, effective, and non-invasive way to treat pain and aid in the recovery of multiple conditions, suitable for people and pets.

    More FAQs

    Product Specification

    The Domer 660mW Handheld Laser uses class 3B cold laser light, with intelligent operation interface, just need to set the power and treatment time, super easy to use.

    • Laser Type: GaAlAs Class 3B Laser
    • Laser Wavelength: 808nm & 650nm low level laser
    • Terminal Laser Output: 12 laser beams with 650nm and 3laser beams with 808nm
    • Terminal Maximum Power: 660mW ± 5%
    • Timing Setting: 10-60 minutes
    • Power Setting: 3  grade adjustable
    • Work Mode: Pulse and continuous
    • Power Adapter: US/EU Plug Available 
    • Battery Capacity: Built-in lithium battery 5200 mAh, 4 hours on a full charge 
    • Compliant to: ISO 13485 Medical Device Quality, IEC 60825-1 Laser Safety, IEC 60601-1-2 EMC, CB Mark, CE Mark, CMDCAS

    What is Cold Laser Therapy?

  • Cold laser therapy (LLLT) is also called lower laser therapy (LPLT), Soft laser biostimulation, low intensity laser therapy, or photobiomodulation.
  • Cold laser is a treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue and skin, the light can be absorbed by the body tissue, causing a complicated physiological reaction to treat the low back pain, disc issues, sprains and strains, frozen shoulder knee pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, etc.
  • Cold laser treatment can help patient who suffer from both acute and chronic disease to relieve pain and treat swelling & wound, anti-inflammation. 
  • Low Intensity Laser therapy is an FDA-approved, safe and effective, noninvasive, drug-free adjunctive alternative treatment. Laser therapy is easy to performed by a qualified practitioner or people use at home.
  • How does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

  • Domer Laser 660mW Handheld Laser combine with unique 808nm and 650nm low level laser to relieve the acute pain, chronic pain, inflammation, wound effectively.
  • 808nm cold laser has a deep penetration, the laser light can work under the skin 3-5 centimeters, when the damaged cells absorb the energy, it can accelerate the soft tissue repair, anti-inflammation, in order to relieve the pain.
  • 650nm cold laser therapy light has the ability to work on the superficial of skin to accelerate the blood circulation, improve the immune system to help body recover faster.
  • Is Cold Laser Therapy Safe?

  • Cold Laser therapy is an FDA-approved, safe and effective, noninvasive, surgery-free, drug free pain relief and better healing alternative treatment. Laser treatment normally take 10-30 minutes and should be applied three to five times a week.
  • What's the Contraindication of Cold Laser Treatment?

    Cold Laser Therapy has a wide application, no side effective, while only should pay attention a few contraindication when you do the laser treatment 

    • Eyes: Do not aim laser beams into the eyes and everyone present should wear appropriate safety spectacles 
    • Thyroid: Do not aim the laser beam into your thyroid, LLLT can compromise thyroid function.
    • Pregnant: Do not treat directly over the developing fetus.
    • Epileptics: Pay attention that low frequency pulsed visible light (<30Hz) might trigger a seizure in photosensitive, epileptic patients.

    Cancer and hemorrhagic disease: the patient who has cancer and hemorrhagic diseases are prohibited to use the cold laser therapy device.

    What's the Indication of 660mW Handheld Laser for People?

    According to the clients' reviews in the past 5 years, we concluded the 660mW Handheld Laser has the excellent result for below disease

    • Knee & shoulder & wrist injuries
    • Extensive arthritis with bone spurs in both heels and in knees
    • Aches ( especially muscular) and pains 
    • Nerve pain on the feet 
    • Aching knee and other joints pain
    • Hip/ Ankle pain
    • Diabetic neuropathy on feet
    • After surgery rehabilitation
    • Osteoarthritis in knees 
    • Headache/ Migraines 
    • Brain Trauma 
    • Muscle pain, injured thumb 
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Tennis elbow
    • Swelling
    • Chronic back pain
    • Sciatic pain
    • Wound / Burn Injuries / Edema
    • Shingles  
    • And many more...

    Indication of Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs / Horse / Pets

    Laser Therapy can help reduce inflammation and pain in addition to accelerating healing.

    Basic treatment protocols are provided with each of our laser systems, according to the clinic research and clients' reviews, we concluded the 660mW Handheld Laser works for below disorder: 

    • Knee pain & stiffness 
    • After surgery rehabilitation 
    • Back issue
    • Neck and leg joint issues 
    • Wound
    • Arthritis, osteoarthritis 
    • SI joint and hind suspensory issue 
    • Abscess, laminitis 
    • Spinal cord damage
    • Ringbone
    • Hip dysplasia, Hip pain
    • Deep digital flexor tendon injuries
    • Navicular treatments
    • Horse with hock issues
    • Ringbone
    •  Muscle strain
    • Deep scars issue
    • Horse with muscle fatigue 
    • Stiffness /Swelling
    • Dog with elbow dysplasia
    • Digestive issues
    • Tendon/ligament injuries
    • Badly broken ankle
    • Accident injuries
    • And many more... 

    How to Use Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs / Horses?

    Acute conditions may be treated daily, particularly if the dogs or horses are in significant pain. Most chronic problems respond well to treatment 3-5 times per week for a minimum of 2 weeks and then gradually tapering down to 1 treatment per week as conditions improve, each laser treatment for dog last 10-15 minutes normally. 

    How much is Laser Treatment in Clinic?

    • Cold Laser treatment can vary in price as it’s highly dependent on the amount of sessions you require. Normally, a cold laser therapy session ranges from $30 to $80+. Acute conditions, for example, acute pain, wound, burn injures, accident injures, bell’s palsy, stomach pain may be treated daily, the patient may feel better about 3 laser treatment, whereas more chronic disease should take 5 - 10 laser treatment to get response. Each laser treatment will take about 10-30 minuets. 
    • For example, says the patient should take 5 to 20 laser treatment, with each session range from $30 to $80+, it may cost $150 to $1600+ to see the great results or recover.
    • Domer 660mW Handheld Laser is the most intelligent invest for practitioners and home physiotherapy, with high return rate, what's more, it can help you save a large amount of money to use Domer Cold Laser to treat the pets & people at home.  

    What's the 660mW Cold Laser Therapy Device Package Included?

    • User Manual in English 
    • One Pair of Protect Glasses 
    • One Handheld Laser 
    • Charger and Cable 
    • 100$ Dollars Laser Therapy Protocols (PDF file, we will send you by email).

    Delivery & Warranty

    • About Delivery 

    After you order, we will ship out the Handheld Laser to DHL about 1 workdays, the delivery time of DHL is about 10 workdays recently. 

    • About Warranty

    We supply full one year warranty for the Handheld Laser, if there is any problem of the laser which is not caused by personal reason, we will supply you new laser or parts free, and you just need pay for $20-40 dollars of international shipping charge. Out of the warranty term, we will repair free for you, you only need to pay the shipping cost to and from. 

    Advantage of Domer Laser

    • Easy to operation, you only need to set the time & power, then adopt the Laser irradiate the Pain area or wound
    • Best tool for family physiotherapy, save much cost to visit doctors.
    • High Quality, Lifespans more than 3 years, full 1 year warranty 
    • Effective for joint pain, muscle pain, Migraine, Plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, diabetic neuropathy on foot, arthritis, wound, accident injuries is up to 90%
    • 100$ Dollars Laser Therapy Protocols Free, Only Domer Laser can supply you the professional laser therapy protocols for 50+ different disease free to help you get the better results

    Best Service & Affordable Cold Laser

    • Portable, and Rechargeable
    • Suitable for People & Pets
    • Just 3 Days Laser Treatment Pay by Itself  
    • Full One Year Warranty (If any problem of the Handheld laser, which is not caused by human, we will send you brand new Handheld Laser free) 
    • Fast Delivery, after you order, the parcel will arrive about 10 days normally

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