equine cold laser therapy

Equine Cold Laser Therapy | Cold Laser for Horses

Equine Cold Laser Therapy is a helpful aid for treating equine muscle, tendon/ligament injuries, as well as for accelerating the rehabilitation and healing of many common lameness disorders. What’s more, equine cold laser therapy can maintain the peak performance within any quine athletic discipline.

Our clients who are the practitioners always combine the cold laser therapy with traditional therapeutic regimens accelerates the recovery time of many common lameness disorders in the horse. Applying the cold laser on horses, the results are very clear and visible. Animals like the baby, they can’t hide their feeling so when the horse's behavior immediately after a cold laser therapy treatment, you will know it works.

The practitioners also adopt the cold laser therapy on his ankle pain, the horse does feel a little something from the laser at times, more so than humans, they love it.

The equine laser therapy has been used on the equine athletes since 1970s, equine laser therapy is called a drug free alternative for horses. Through numerous clinical trials, we conclude several of most common applications of cold laser therapy for the treatment of Equine include:

  • Tendon and suspensory injuries such as tears, tendinitis, and desmitis
  • Ligament injuries
  • Synovitis and tenosynovitis
  • Muscle pain and inflammation
  • Osteoarthritis, including navicular syndrome
  • Back disorders
  • Splints
  • Wound healing

No stress to your horse
No side effects
No sedation or restraint requirement

The cold laser therapy device is portable, the horse owner can adapt the cold laser therapy on the horse by themselves, the practitioner can carry out the treatment in the animal’s home, reducing the traveling time, help the horse to be relaxed. The treatment is quick, simple and the horse is usually unaware that the treatment is being performed. Only need to hold the head of the cold laser therapy device to the area for treatment for 10 to 15 minutes, continue to treat one week, until the horse recover, one time per day, it depends on the conditions of the horse.

How does cold laser therapy work?

Cold laser therapy uses 808nm and 650nm low level laser wavelengths to stimulate the cells in the body, resulting in:

  • Increased oxygen and energy supply to the tissues and accelerated removal of waste products and anti-inflammation
  • accelerate the injured tissues repair and reduce the pain
  • Vasodilation resulting in improved circulation
  • Activation of lymphatic drainage (aiding reduction of swelling) 

What is the cost of equine laser therapy?

Charges vary with respect to geographic region. The following charges represent a nationwide average, the price is from the equine veterinary service, for your reference.

Anatomical Area

Average Treatment Time In Minutes

Average Charge In Dollars


10 – 15

30 – 40


10 – 15

25 – 30


10 – 15

30 – 40


25 – 30

125 – 175


10 – 15

40 – 50


10 – 15

30 – 40


Cold Laser Therapy can treat a wide range of pain and inflammatory conditions for horses and athletes, accelerated healing. It is a scientifically proven healing modality. Cold Laser therapy brings another tool to your practice for disorders for which we currently don’t have a solution, like chronic sore backs. Cold Laser therapy brings another income source to the practice without effect any other aspect of the practice. Cold Laser Therapy help the horse owners find a way to treat their hobby at home.

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