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Meilleur panneau lumineux de thérapie laser rouge et proche infrarouge

Meilleur panneau lumineux de thérapie laser rouge et proche infrarouge

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How does Red Laser Light Panel Work?

The Domer Red Laser Light Therapy Panel helps alleviate joint pain, promoting a healthy lifestyle. With a carefully crafted design for optimal ergonomics, it features a medical-grade laser and three-core concentrated lamp beads. Plus, it offers wireless control and intelligent temperature regulation for added convenience.

The laser penetrates the body by emitting numerous photons, clearing meridians, stimulating Qi and blood flow, and enhancing microcirculation in local muscle tissue.

By absorbing light quanta, the tissue's pain threshold increases by 27.3%, boosting serotonin levels, which aids in pain suppression.

It stimulates the activity ofa variety of enzymes, rapidly reduces inflammation and swelling, absorbs exudates, activates mononuclear macrophages by light quantum, promotes bacteriolysis and sterilization, and improves the body's immune function.

The Application of Red Laser Light Therapy Panel

The Domer The Domer Red Laser Light Therapy Panels adopt 225 poly-energy light beads, 630nm red laser light, + 650nm near infrared light, making them more powerful, more penetrating, and more effective. This red laser light therapy panel has a built-in upgraded chip for more consistent and stable output. Three power levels can be adjusted to treat the whole body with acute and chronic pain. 

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Product Specification

The Domer Red Laser Light Therapy Panel is designed for whole family pain management with an ergonomic design. It features intelligent temperature control for constant temperature irradiation, ensuring greater comfort. With remote control to adjust power and switch on/off, it's easy to operate. You can activate and deactivate the device conveniently using the remote control. Made of high-quality ABS material, the shell ensures durability.

  • Light Wavelength: 630nm low-level laser + 650nm near-infrared light 
  • Light Quantity: 190 pieces of red LED light, 35 pieces of 5mW 650nm Laser
  • Brightness: >8000cd/m2
  • Timing Range: 1/5min/30min can be chosen. 
  • Irradiated Area: 60000 mm2
  • Laser Diameter: <5mm

Therapeutic Theory

The Domer Red Laser Light Therapy Panel integrates infrared, cold laser, and LED light therapy into one device. Infrared light swiftly treats diseased tissue proteins, enhancing blood circulation, boosting immune function, and promoting tissue metabolism. It prompts positive reactions, stimulates new epithelial cell growth, speeds up exudate absorption, reduces muscle tension and swelling, diminishes inflammation, and provides pain relief.

Laser irradiation accelerates the growth of new blood vessels and granulation tissue, improving protein synthesis. This process enhances oxygen supply to damaged tissue, speeds up collagen fiber production, deposition, and cross-linking, facilitating wound healing.

Application Range

  • Pain Relief: During early and mid-stage inflammation, local tissue serotonin levels rise, contributing to pain. Red light irradiation enhances lymph circulation, boosts blood flow, speeds up cellular metabolism, and reduces serotonin levels at inflammatory sites, resulting in pain relief.
  • Wound Healing and Cell Repair: Red light enhances electron transfer in mitochondrial inner membranes, increasing ATP synthesis. This promotes DNA and RNA synthesis, accelerating collagen production, enhancing fibroblast activity, fostering granulation tissue growth, and facilitating wound healing. It also aids in increasing wound tension, resolving lymphatic obstruction, and repairing capillaries.
  • Inflammation Management: Low-power laser irradiation penetrates skin to reach cell interiors, stimulating ATP production, repairing damaged cells, controlling harmful factors, and eliminating damaged tissue, thereby managing various inflammatory effects.


Cancer patients, those who are allergic to red light. For other cautions, patients should be advised to use it after consulting a doctor, such as patients with acute diseases, patients with high fever, pregnant women, etc.


1: Before turning on the treatment machine, it must be confirmed that it has been properly placed in the correct treatment position. If it is not used according to this method, the treatment effect will be affected.

2: It is forbidden to direct the laser to the eyes.

3: The therapeutic apparatus is equipped with an optical system, which should be handled with care when in use, avoiding collisions, let alone falling, and preventing the therapeutic apparatus from being heated and damp.

4: It is strictly forbidden to dismantle, repair and transform without permission.

Product Structure

The instrument is composed of a host, a USB cable, and a power adapter.

Why Choose the Domer Red Laser Therapy Panel?

  • Not like other red therapy light panels, which adopt 650nm LED light and near-infrared light. The Domer Red Laser Therapy panel adopts 35 pieces of 650nm low-level laser and 190 pieces of near-infrared light. The 650nm low-level laser works better to accelerate blood circulation and improve the body's immunity than red LED light therapy. 
  • Full one-year warranty; if there is any problem of the machine, we will repair or supply new machine free 
  • Fast delivery and free shipping by DHL worldwide. 

Advantages of Red Laser Therapy Panel

  • It uses 225 poly-energy light beads, 190 pieces of 630nm near-red light, + 35 pieces of 650nm infrared light to relieve pain, treat wounds, and reduce inflammation. 
  • Hand-Free Design: When you do the red light treatment, you can use the belt to fix the panel on the pain area, for example, the shoulder, knee, or back. 
  • Intelligent temperature control ensures constant, comfortable irradiation, while remote control functionality makes operation easy. 
  • It is a great device that can easily be moved to different locations, unlike some red-light therapy which is attached to poles.
  • Easy to use, only after 15-30 minutes with the red light, then the device will turn off automatically. 

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