Dogs are among the most favorite animals that are kept as pets by many people around the world. Like other animals and humans, dogs also suffer from certain disorders, and arthritis is the most common among them.

Arthritis in dogs is a condition in which the inflammation, pain, and stiffness of the knee, elbow, and other joints cause pain. Fortunately, laser therapy for dogs is a method of treatment of arthritis in which dogs feel relaxed.

What Is Arthritis In Dogs?

Arthritis is a health condition in which joint inflammation occurs in dogs and is the most common issue among dogs, causing stiffness, discomfort, and pain. 

Arthritis in dogs affects or damages the cartilage within the bone (elbow, hip, knee, etc.), making the cartilage less smooth, which in turn causes the bones to rub together.

Causes and effects

Arthritis in dogs, also called degenerative joint disease or canine osteoarthritis, has various causes.

The most common type of arthritis in dogs is osteoarthritis. Any physical damage to the joints may cause this. At the same time, arthritis in dogs is also caused by inflammation which is called rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, certain infections may also cause arthritis in dogs.

The most common causes of arthritis in dogs are:

  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Poor nutrition
  • Wear and tear of joints
  • Repetitive or over use motion
  • Joint abnormalities
  • Tendon or ligament abnormalities
  • Previous joint trauma or injuries such as ligament tears or fractures
  • Joints deformity
  • Breed Predisposition
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Signs Of Arthritis In Dogs

There are certain common signs and symptoms of arthritis in dogs. If you notice any of these signs in your dog, it is time to get the treatment done as soon as possible. These signs may include lameness in the leg, irritability, and tiredness.

In addition, your dog may bark when touched, avoid jumping, face difficulty in movement, experience trouble getting up or down, and may exhibit changing behavior. Furthermore, it might lick, bite, and chew the affected body part or show muscle atrophy.

Proven Ways To Prevent Arthritis In Dogs

If you are a dog parent, you want to prevent your dog from getting arthritis. For this purpose, you have to take care of the following essential points:

  • Feed your dog with a balanced and complete diet that contains essential nutrients.
  • Don't feed your dog more than the required food, as it could cause obesity, leading to arthritis in dogs.
  • Do not feed your dog with human food as it causes obesity and sometimes gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Dog parents should take their dogs to the vet regularly.
  • Ask the vet if your dog needs joint supplements.
  • For proper bone growth, exercise your dog in the right manner.
  • If your dog is obese, help him to do regular, accurate exercise to maintain body weight and the ideal state of the body.
  • Avoid certain dog activities, such as high-impact regular activities and the ones where your dog leaps into the air.

Treatments Of Arthritis In Dogs

Arthritis in dogs can get worse if left untreated. Once you know your dog is suffering from arthritis, you can reverse the arthritis in the dog through treatment.

There are various ways by which arthritis in dogs is treated, including the following:

The most effective treatment for arthritis in dogs is laser therapy. Laser therapy for dogs involves the gentle movement of a laser over the area affected by arthritis.

The vet can prescribe some nutritional programs to control arthritis in your dog.

Pain medications are also used to treat arthritis by reducing the pain caused by arthritis.

Some physical medicines, such as chiropractic, can also prove helpful in treating arthritis in dogs.

If your dog's arthritis is at an extreme stage, surgical procedures may be done to alleviate the pain.

How Does Laser Therapy Work For Arthritis In Dogs?

Laser therapy is a modern method for treating various disorders to manage inflammation, pain, and wound healing of your dog.

Laser therapy for dogs is considered a noninvasive photobiomodulation therapy because a special type of light is used in this therapy. This light penetrates first the skin and then the tissues, which helps open up blood flow in the particular area.

Laser therapy for dogs works by accelerating the natural healing process of the dog's body. It performs the following essential tasks:

  • Speeds up the repair and healing process of your dog.
  • Decreases inflammation in affected areas.
  • Releases endorphins.
  • Relaxes the muscles to ease pain.
  • Increases blood flow which increases oxygen and thus the healing process speeds up.

Besides, there are two types of laser therapy for dogs: cold laser therapy and hot laser therapy. Cold laser therapy treats the skin surface as a noninvasive process, whereas hot laser affects the tissues under the skin.

What Is The Best Cold Laser For Dogs' Arthritis?

Cold laser therapy stimulates the body cells that repair tissue to transmit pain and reduce inflammation in dogs suffering from arthritis.

Multiple cold lasers for dog arthritis are available. Still, the proven one that treats arthritis in dogs properly is the Domer 1300mW laser because it relieves arthritis in dogs by up to 95%.

The Domer 1300mW laser is a more effective and safer therapy for arthritis treatment in dogs because it is designed perfectly to offer healing benefits to dogs. It is the high quality, best price, and low-level laser for home use and medical professionals.

How To Use The Domer Laser To Treat Arthritis In Dogs?

To use the Domer for treating arthritis in dogs, follow the below-given steps.

  • Turn on the Domer laser and place it next to the dog skin. It's best to have it for about a minute and then move the minute to give or take versus taking it and going all over the place.
  • Don't press the Domer laser on the skin; instead, place it gently over the place.
  • Place the laser space to space, move forward from one part to another after every minute, and cover the whole body like that by giving one minute at one place, then move around every minute.
  • Start from the head and go back.
  • Do another 10-15 minutes of Domer laser in the dog's arms and hips. You can do the Domer laser on your dog at one time or divide it into two parts and do it at different times, depending on your schedule.
  • Do a Domer laser for 10 minutes on the dog's back for 10 to 15 minutes on the legs.
  • During the process, focus mainly on the body part affected by arthritis.

If you have any confusion about using the Domer laser for arthritis treatment in dogs, you can ask a veterinarian, and they will also be able to help you determine in what spots of the dog's body you need to focus more. 

Note: Wear sunglasses and put sunglasses on your dog's eyes as it will protect your eyes from laser light.

How Successful Is Laser Therapy For Dogs With Arthritis?

Laser therapy for treating arthritis in dogs is a surgery-free and medicine-free method proven to successfully relieve inflammation and pain by speeding up the healing process and getting the dogs back to things they love.


Arthritis is a health condition in dogs mainly caused by obesity, poor nutrition, and joint wear and tear. Although there are many ways to treat arthritis in dogs, the most proven and best way to treat arthritis is laser therapy.

The Domer 1300mW laser is a more effective and safer therapy for arthritis treatment in dogs because it is designed perfectly to offer healing benefits to dogs. It is the high quality, best price, and low-level laser for home use and medical professionals.

Protect your loving pet by getting the best laser treatment for your dog and help it lead a healthy and happy life.

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