The Best Way to Treat Frozen Shoulder - Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

The Best Way to Treat Frozen Shoulder - Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

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Low Level Laser or Laser Acupuncture or PBM therapy For frozen Shoulder -Case Study 

The patient is a math teacher of grade 8 in a private school. One day while writing on a board there is a sudden intense of pain in the shoulder and inability to raise it. She went to some emergency they gave her pain killer which relieve the pain temporarily but she can't raise her arm. Few of her colleagues suggested her about alternative medicine so she visit me on 10th day after the pain had started. 

The following are the symptoms she had when she came:
Pain on average from 1 to 10 she said 9, inability to raise the shoulder, muscular fatigue and headache.

Laser Acupuncture Protocols:
Starting with our 1000mW 808nm laser Machine probe B on grade 3 on the following acu-points for 5 minutes on each point that are li 15, si 9, tb 14. Probe A on grade 1 on the following acu-points for 3 minutes on each point respectively that are gb 34, bl 57, li 3, si 3, lu 7.

Acupuncture on the points st 38 on the effected side and gb 41 on the opposite foot when the lllt is finished. The pain is relieved up to 85% and she can raise her shoulder to 75 percent.

Within a week of Cold Laser therapy the pain is gone completely and she is able to move and raise her shoulder freely.
The treatment is done with lllt on the above mentioned points on alternate days of the week and she is recovered completely.


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