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Cold Laser Therapy Reviews | Low Level Laser Therapy Review

Cold Laser Therapy is useful for the acute and chronic disorder, a guide of cold laser reviews from the acupuncturist, chiropractors, physiotherapist, patient.

“LLLT is useful for the acute and chronic disorder, it’s irradiated acupuncture point, it gives nice results to me, I used that in Calcaneal spur, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, acute lumbago, knee pain, swelling, I adopted the cold laser instrument to help the patient who has herniated disc,I just given two sessions to patients, but it works very good, Pt subsided pain in two days, get rid of neck stiffness too. And another patient In cystitis I give 2 sessions locally for 2 minutes, patient feeling better in two days given the history of passing crystals in Urine”  -Dr. Sonavane from Mumbai, India used our 1000mW Laser Therapy Machine

"I had used the cold laser therapy machine in the right way, I don't know better machine for pain and inflammation. Magnetic machine is for everything but for rehabilitation perfect especially after the injury my brother has a first result very good but his doctor said he has to make sure for 100%"  - Kasia from U.S Use our 660mW Handheld Laser 

"I am using your machine for my ankle every day and it made a big difference after half month treatment, I am sure that with time it will start improving my condition because I have worn out the cartilage in my left ankle after playing netball for over twenty years, so I cannot expect it to heal overnight, so I will keep persevering that I can avoid surgery which is very drastic and the recovery would take at least 12 months if it is successful ! " - Dr.Gopal Goyal from U.K Use our 1000mW Laser Therapy Machine

"Within 2-3 sitting only 20min/session, I applied Tendons pain 2 months, only in 2 days more than 80% recovery, that is great, insist on the treatment is necessary.”  - Dr.Nazim Padvekar from Singapore Use our 1000mW Laser Therapy Machine

"I have one patient that has a Chronic Back Pain for the last two years.After 6 treatments she has Great Relieve and can reduce her Medication. She can now walk distance's now, where in the past she struggled" -Dr.Dave Modarresi from U.S Use 1000mW Laser Therapy Machine

"Hello,I heard the cold laser therapy have great effect of pain relief,the price is higher in America,I find, their cold laser device with competitive price, I buy the Handy Pain Relief device from them,I am using the machine for personal and have seen improvement in skin condition, relief of low pain and cosmetic improvement on my neck, and reduction of cervical neck pain.I like to travel, the device is portable, it became the necessary equipment for my trip." -Geoge R Smith from U.K Use  660mW Handheld Laser 

“We have been using the cold laser therapy a little for neck pain, and it has helped.I know there are lots of uses for this machine, I set the treatment time 10mintues with full power, continuously applied for two weeks, it helped me. Thank you." -Dave Hein from Australia Use  660mW Handheld Laser 

"We used the unit in a relatively small population - approx 15-20 peoples. Our experiences are excellent, and highly appreciated this type of laser. The acupuncture option wasn't used, but I am thinking to try it on the ear. " -Dr Balogh from U.K Use 1000mW Laser Therapy Machine

If you want to order the cold laser therapy device for clinic, hospital use or treat the chronic pain, we recommend our 1000mW Laser Therapy Machine , it has two probes, combine 808nm and 650nm low level laser, total power is about 1000mW, class 3B Laser, it is no limited for practitioners to use at clinic or hospital, and has the better results for the chronic disorder, especially when you use the 1000mW Laser with our laser therapy protocols. 

If you want the cold laser therapy device for personal or pets use, we recommend the 660mW Handheld Laser device, the price is lower, it is portable, easy to use, the 660mW handheld Laser has the great effect for the acute pain, inflammation, arthritis, wound, skin problem... For detail, welcome to visit 660mW Handheld Laser 


    Cold Laser device 

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