Laser Treatment for Tennis Elbow - Laser Therapy Protocol

Laser Treatment for Tennis Elbow - Laser Therapy Protocol

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Laser Therapy for Tennis Elbow

Case Study

A 44 years old Man, who is the sportsman with Tennis Elbow visit our client Dr Aqas, the pain on average from 1 to 10 he said 8, inability to raise the arm, muscular fatigue and weakness.

Laser Acupuncture Protocol

Dr Aqas adopted Domer Laser 1000mW Laser machine to help him relieve the tennis elbow pain, started with probe B, set grade 3 on Li-10 and Li-11 acupuncture point for 5 minutes respectively, and adopted probe A on grade 1 on Li-4 for 4 minutes.

Acupuncture on the opposite side with same points and ask the patient to move the affected arm and point Li-10 on the other arm. The needles must retain 15 minutes

The patient said the pain average is reduced to 3/10 and 80 percent cured after one Laser Treatment 

Second day: Started with probe A on grade 2 on Li-10 and Li-11 for 4 minutes respectively on each point.
Acupuncture on same point for 10 minutes.

Same LLLT treatment is done on day 3 and the patient was cured completely.

If you are not Acupuncturist, you can use the Laser irradiate the pain area and Acupuncture point, the result is great also. 

Cold Laser Device 

In this case, as we mentioned Dr Aqas adopted the Domer Laser 1000mW Laser machine, it has two Laser probe, the small laser probe can help you trigger the acupoint, the big laser probe can treat the wound, accident injuries, and big pain area...

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