Laser Treatment for Muscular Spasm

Laser Treatment for Muscular Spasm

Case Study: Laser Therapy for Muscular Spasm

A 33 years old Accountant visit our client, as being accountant by profession he had to work almost 12 to 14 hours a day without taking nay supplements due to overwork it happened. Pain on average from 1 to 10 he said 8.5, muscular fatigue, far sightedness, general weakness.

Laser Treatment Protocols:
The doctor adopted our 1000mW laser therapy machine, Started with probe A grade 2 on Li-4 for 5 minutes on both hands, probe A grade 3 on GB-34 acupoint for 5 minutes on both legs and probe A grade 1 on St-44 acupoint for 5 minutes on both foot.

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After one laser treatment the pain is recovered to 3.5 from 8.5.the percentage is 85 percent.
The same treatment is given on alternate days for 10 days and the case is cured completely.

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