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All You Need To Know About Pain Relief With Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is an effective and non-invasive way of reducing pain, and inflammation, accelerating healing from minor sprains to major Traumatic Brain Injuries. It had gained much attention since 1967 when Professor Endre Mester started using this method for pain relief in his patients.

What Dose Laser Therapy Do for Pain?

Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Photons in the laser interact with the skin’s tissue to immediately reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. Here is how laser therapy acts on regions of pain in the body

  • First, the photons of the laser enter the skin tissue on application. Here these photons react with the cytochrome c complex present in the mitochondria. This interaction is a signal of further biological interactions in the location.
  • The biological interaction which ultimately brings about the reduction of pain is the decrease in bradykinin levels. Bradykinin is a chemical responsible for the sensation of pain.
  • This reduction in Bradykinin levels releases endorphins that relieve pain in the area through an analgesic effect.
  • The reduction in Bradykinin levels also stabilizes the ion channels, which helps reduce inflammation in the area.

Thus, laser therapy is non-invasive, pain-free, quick, and effective in reducing pain-based solely on scientifically valid phenomena.

Is Laser Therapy Effective for Nerve Pain?

Laser therapy is a hassle-free way of reducing nerve pain without undergoing painful procedures. Research and clinical studies indicate that laser therapy (specifically low levels) has effectively reduced neuropathic pain in older patients suffering from neuropathic pain resulting from different degenerative conditions.

A recent study conducted by School Of Veterinary Medicine found that laser therapy results in the reduction of pain reduction of inflammation and accelerates healing in animals.

However, this doesn’t mean that laser therapy is only required after one suffers from an injury.

Laser therapy can also be very effective for the following conditions in your daily life:

  • Pain relief in joints and neck
  • Accelerated tissue repair in case of strains
  • Healing open wounds due to acceleration of vascular activities
  • Acupuncture on trigger points that cause pain
  • Activation of stem cells that results in faster healing

Therefore, laser therapy is not something that can be achieved at clinics only. It can be used daily during your recovery period from an injury for faster healing.

Cost of Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

The cost of getting laser therapy depends on your injury type and the number of sessions it would require to heal completely. It also depends on the clinic you choose. Prices vary minimally depending on the clinic; however, this minimal increase becomes substantial when you have to avail for multiple sessions.

Thus, looking at all available options is always best before choosing a clinic.

In general, each session can cost around $50-$150. On average, any injured person will require 9 sessions for complete healing. This may go up to 12 sessions or more depending on their injury’s severity and their body’s responsiveness. Usually, with age, our body’s responsiveness starts to degrade. Thus, more sessions may be required for older people.

Although there are many variable factors, you can expect laser therapy to cost anywhere between $450 and $1800 at an average clinic.

Laser Therapy for Pain at Home

Finding a reliable clinic, getting appointments that work with your schedule, and traveling to a clinic while you are injured can be a lot of hassle.

There is a one-device solution to all of these. It is the Domer handheld laser therapy device, which can be used while you recover at home.

This device is based on the principle of “cold laser therapy,” which is considered safer, painless, and more effective than normal laser therapy.

There might be several questions clouding your mind about this innovative device. Here we provide comprehensive information on the details of this device-

How Does the Domer Laser Work?

Domer Handheld Laser Therapy device works on the same principle as that of normal laser therapy. The only difference is the power output and wavelengths of low level laser, the 660mW Handheld Laser uses wavelengths 650nm and 808nm. These are low-level wavelengths that cause no topical injury to the skin. To use the Handheld Laser, you should wear the goggles and avoid use the laser irradiate the eyes directly, switch on the device, and apply it to the injured area on the body.

What Can You Expect from the Domer Laser?

Based on clinical trials and laboratory studies, the Domer Handheld laser therapy device provides up to 95% of pain relief from the first use.

How Much does the Domer Laser Cost?

The Domer Handled Laser is designed for practitioners or home use, it is $329 dollars free shipping by DHL, the Handheld Laser is easy to operate, Domer Laser will supply you professional laser treatment protocols for people and pets to help you get the better result free.

Is Domer Handheld Laser Therapy Device Safe?

Yes, this device is safe for use at home and medical professionals. The safety quotient of this device has been tested in over 9,000 laboratory studies and clinical trials.

Domer Laser Therapy for Pain Reviews

There are a large number of customers who have trusted Domer Handheld Laser for their healing journey at the comfort of their homes. Here are some testimonials from the customers themselves.

  • Relieved 30 years of Chronic Back Pain

I had tried every which way to relieve my chronic back pain that had become a part of my life for 30 years! I had taken laser therapy sessions earlier, costing me a fortune ($15,000), but the pain was there to stay!

I bought this device after a lot of research on cold laser therapy, and this has to be the best decision of my life! Using this feels like getting a good massage and provides the pain relief I haven’t experienced in years!

  • Reduced arthritis pain for me and my dog as well!

I have arthritic hand and soft tissue injuries, which have caused me much pain for a long time! I purchased this device as it looked promising, and it indeed is. It reduced the extreme pain in my hand, and guess what? It worked on my dog’s joints too! I love that this is a painless and drug-free way to heal injuries!

  • One device keeps everyone - humans, dogs, and horses, happy in a family!

This has been both a life-saving and money-saving device for us! Two of our dogs had ACL injuries, and the laser treatment at the vet’s was getting more and more expensive. That is when we tried this out! Now both our dogs’ injuries have healed! My husband decided to try it, and after using it for 3 weeks, his osteoarthritis and joint pain from Parkinson’s started to fade! A few weeks ago, we tried this on our miniature 25-year-old horse, who recovered from an injury that would have needed surgery otherwise!

Everyone in my house is happy and healthier than before with this affordable cold laser therapy device!

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