Laser for pain therapy

Using Laser for Pain Therapy to Live Better Life

The laser for pain therapy represents one of the most revolutionary technologies of the 21st century. During the last decades, the optimization and use of lasers in the medical world has saved a great number of lives. Scientific studies continue to praise the versatility of the laser in surgery, as well as to practice therapies on patients and alleviate illnesses.

One of the most fantastic inventions of our time is the cold laser therapy machine, such as the Domer Laser. This state-of-the-art equipment works with a laser for pain therapy machine. It is scientifically proven that this technology can quickly relieve you of any pain that overwhelms your body.

Are you suffering from any disease such as arthritis or fribomyalgia? Do you frequently suffer from muscle pain? Is the stress of everyday life reflected in severe back pain? Have you recently fractured any part of your body? This equipment will help you eradicate pain in record time.

How does laser for pain therapy work?

The laser for pain therapy adopt the wavelength of 808nm and 650nm low level laser to relieve the pain, anti-inflammation, treat wound, etc. As when the 650nm cold laser irradiates the lesion area, it can enhance the activity of phagocyte and increase the immunity, and diminish the inflammation quickly. And the 808nm wavelength low level laser can work under the skin 3-5 centimeters to accelerate the soft tissue repair, the injured party could release the substance similar to morphia after the cold laser treatment.The irradiation also could reduce the conduction rate, power and impulse frequency to receive the pain quickly.

The irradiation of laser released by this equipment is responsible for stimulating the blood and nervous system. It will be the sympathetic ganglia that will be mostly affected by the cold laser. As a final result, your body responds, releasing endorphins and dopamine, thus freeing you from pain. That's the magic behind this laser for pain therapy.

The history of the Domer Laser, as a laser treatment equipment for pain and inflammation

This 1000mW laser treatment for pain and inflammation equipment has been developed by technology experts over years of study, testing and risk analysis. In order for this laser therapy machine to be on the market today, its usefulness has had to be endorsed by different regulatory entities and medical institutions that approve its usefulness.

The effectiveness of laser for pain therapy does not exceed the limits established by current scientific research at any time. This indicates that the wavelength is low level, thus respecting the parameters established by law so as not to affect the user's health; quite the opposite, to be a laser treatment for pain and inflammation.

The regulations established by scientific studies in the United States define that the wavelength must be between 650 nm and 808 nm. Our equipment cannot exceed that limit, in part because it is a technology that operates with a maximum of 1000mW. So, the use of this laser for pain therapy will be completely safe.

About laser therapy for pain cost

Our trajectory in the market and the after-sales experience of the Domer Laser has allowed us to identify that the majority of our clients have been able to find great relief from conditions such as sciatic pain, digestive inflammation and back pain. The relaxation of this laser therapy machine is very significant to clear the stress of everyday life.

Looking at the price, this laser for pain therapy equipment is 1,050 USD. A price that for most of our clients is really minimal considering its virtues and benefits. However, due to the good demand for this equipment, we have a special discount of 7% for our new customers.

You have already identified what use you will give this equipment. Do you want to say goodbye to that annoying back pain? Don't want to keep complaining about sports inflammations? Do you want to use this equipment as a massage system to release the stress of the day? The laser therapy for pain cost will be very economical when you start using this product.

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