Domer Laser Vs K Laser Therapy for Pain Management

Domer Laser Vs K Laser Therapy for Pain Management

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Laser therapy is a pain and inflammation relieving treatment that uses lasers of different wavelengths to promote blood circulation and new tissue formation in the affected area.

People have been using laser therapy to treat both chronic and acute pain for years. This therapeutic treatment can generally treat knee pain, back and shoulder pain, strained muscle pain, chronic sinus pain, and rotator cuff injury.

The process takes only a few minutes (5 to 20 minutes) to complete depending on the size and depth of the area being treated.

Keep reading the article to learn more about this treatment, including which machine is the best choice for this laser treatment.

Laser Therapy Price

The cost of laser therapy depends on different factors, such as the size of the area that requires treatment and the intensity of the pain. The more intense your pain is, the more k-laser sessions you would need. It means the total cost of the entire treatment will be higher.

Laser therapy price also varies from place to place. Generally speaking, it can range from $60 to $150 per session.

Laser Therapy Side Effects

Laser therapy has been used for old and new pain for dozens of years, and there are no significant side effects associated with it, Laser Therapy is no side effect, painless. When you do the laser treatment you should pay attention to a few contraindication as below:

  • Eye: Please don’t use the laser therapy light irradiate eyes of people and pets directly, when you do the laser treatment, you should wear a pair of goggles.
  • Cancer: Do not use the cold laser therapy device treat the cancer patient.
  • Epileptics: Do not use in epileptic patients.
  • Pregnancy: Don’t do the laser treatment for pregnant woman.

Laser Therapy for Humans 

Laser therapy is an effective treatment used to treat different human ailments. Its main purpose is to speed up the natural healing and regeneration processes.

Inflammation in an injured area can reduce the blood circulation in the affected area; as a result, recovery speed declines. When you use k-laser therapy for the inflamed area, the therapy helps you restore blood circulation and reduce inflammation in the affected area, which stimulates recovery.

Whether the pain is due to surgery, injury, or a disease, you can use Laser therapy to get rid of it without taking any medication.

Laser Therapy for Veterinary

Not only this treatment alleviates pain in humans, but it also promotes wound healing and pain reduction in animals.

Vets worldwide use laser therapy to manage pain, inflammation, and tissue repairing. They use specific wavelengths to energize body cells and tissues without causing pain to the animal. The treatment can help close wounds and heal scar tissues in both young and old pets.

Domer Laser Vs. K-Laser Therapy Machine

Different forms of Laser Therapy machines are available in the market, which often makes it challenging for people to select one. Here, we have compared the features of two well-known machines to help you select the best piece.

Domer Laser Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Machine

Class 4 laser

Design: It is versatile and compact, which makes it suitable for all professional healthcare settings. The size of the hand piece offers the perfect grip, helping the therapists work efficiently.

Key specifications: Domer Laser produces Class 4 laser 980nm 60W to show results fast. You can adjust its beam spot size from 20 to 40mm depending on the size of the area being treated. This multi use device offers three work modes: continuous, pulse, and single, so the practitioner can perform the therapy more proficiently.  

Price: It costs only $5,999.00 (plus you get FREE therapeutic laser protocols worth $100 and FREE shipping worldwide).

K-Laser Therapy Machine  

Design: It has a compact design, but the size of the hand piece of some models may seem small to practitioners having large hands, making it difficult for them to have a strong grip on it.

Key specifications: K laser therapy machine produces Class 4 lasers of varying wavelengths, so you can select the one you find more suitable for a specific ailment.

Price: There are different versions of the cube available. Their costs are: $19,990 for Cube 3 15W class 4 laser, $24,000 for Cube 4 20W class 4 laser.

Summing It Up

Both the Domer Laser Machine and K-Laser Therapy Machine are highly effective and state-of-the-art pieces. But, the low cost, availability of different work modes, and lasers of different wavelengths (that you can get at only $500 per probe) make Domer Laser Class 4 Laser 980nm 60W help the practitioners get their investment back sooner and treat more disorder. 

You can install it in different professional settings and perform multiple functions. With its economic cost, you can get your investment back fast!




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