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Why Laser Therapy Can Relieve the Pain?

Are you experiencing muscle pain of any sort? Do you have trouble with joint disease? There are many methods to treat these symptoms nevertheless one that has become increasingly more popular is Cold Laser Therapy. This might sound intense, nevertheless it is one on the safest and least intrusive treatments for muscle pain, joint disease, sprains, tendonitis,  and back pain. Essentially, it isn't invasive whatever because simply no surgical procedure is needed. Everything is carried out by using laser technology using light as a source for remedy.

  1. Accelerated Tissue Repair And Cell Growth 

Here is where photons of lights from lasers penetrate the body tissue accelerating cellular growth and reproduction. The energy in the cell has increased all thanks to laser allowing the cells to work faster, and quickly get rid of waste products. Generally, when tendons, ligaments, and muscles are exposed to laser light, they speed up the healing process.

  1. Faster Wound Healing

As mention earlier on, laser light increases the healing process. This mainly due to the production of collagen, which stimulates fibroblasts. Collagen is the building block of tissue repair and healing. Hence increase collagen production means a faster healing process.

  1. Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation

Exposure to low-level laser therapy decreased scar tissue formation. Scar tissue is mainly associated with chronic pain and poor healing. Eliminating scar tissue and encouraging proper collagen production means no more painful scars and chronic pain.

  1. Anti-Inflammation

Laser therapy can also increase blood flow in the body. It is also a great way to reduced lymphatic drainage to decrease swelling or edema. Hence, laser therapy reduces swelling, which can be caused by bruising or inflammation at the same time, speeding the recovery process.

  1. Pain Relief

By blocking the pain signal to the pain, the Domer Laser is capable of decreasing pain. Some nerve cells are capable of sensing pain and sending messages to the brain. This mechanism produces chronic pain and nerve sensitivity. In addition to this, decreasing inflammation and edema causes reduced pain sensation. Laser therapy is also known to increase endorphins and enkephalins, which block pain signals diminishing the pain sensation.

  1. Increased Blood Flow

Increased blood flow yields increased healing. This means blood carries nutrients and building blocks to the tissue at the same time carrying waste products away. Via laser therapy, you can increase the formation of small blood vessels or capillaries in damaged tissues. This improves the body's ability to heal and repair.

  1. Increased Repair And Regeneration

The laser therapy increased enzyme activity, which in turn improves metabolic activity affecting cell repair and recovery. Increased enzyme action means increased healing speed.

  1. Nerve Function And Repair

Certainly, nerves can heal very slowly, with a meager chance of complete healing. Well, with laser therapy, you can speed up this process. Generally, damage to specific nerves, yields, numbness, impaired function, or even increased pain. With Laser therapy, you can speed the amplitude of action potentials hence restoring nerve function and reducing pain.

  1. Increasing Energy Production -ATP

Certain enzymes can be activated to increase cellular production of ATP. This is the energy source that cells operate from. In most cases, injured cells have low levels of ATP, and this decreases their ability to heal and repair. However, by increasing ATP and gasoline storage levels, cells have more ATP to work and repair. Generally, the process is ideal with nerve pain.

  1. Acupressure And Trigger Points

With Low-level laser therapy, you can decrease trigger points and stimulate acupuncture points hence reducing muscle and joint pain.

  1. Low-Level Laser Therapy Treatments

This type of therapy is common in Europe, where it is used for the treatment of pain and speed healing. It has been the process in the FDA for over 20 years, but with increasing technology, laser therapy has become smaller and portable. Based on further studies and research, this form of treatment has shown to be more effective in reducing pain.

Thanks to research and technology advancements, more medical institutions have embraced this form of treatment. But not all types of treatment provides the same level of treatment. Generally, we have had a class III laser for six years. However, it had limited application, also a depth of penetration and, last but not least, effectiveness. If you want the Laser therapy device for home use, we recommend you our 660mW Handheld Laser, it has three 808nm and eleven 650nm low level laser, specially the 808nm laser has the deep penetration, it can work under the skin 3-5cm to accelerate the soft tissue repair, anti-inflammation, help the body relieve the pain faster, it's portable, you can take it to travel or business, for details, visit Handheld Laser 

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