High Potential Therapy

How to Use the High Potential Therapeutic Instrument?

The essence of high-voltage potential therapy is to put the human body into the treatment of high voltage, low current and low frequency alternating current electromagnetic field.When the body is placed in the electric field, as a result of electric fields, promote the positive and negative of charged particles in the human body, ions, dipole as the frequency of the alternating electromagnetic field in the cells inside and outside and interstitial fluid flow and rotation.So as to promote the metabolism and cell activation, and thus to maintain the body balance of bioelectricity, maintain the dynamic balance internal environment, adjust endocrine and vegetative nervous system function, enhance immunity, eliminate fatigue, repair trauma and treatment of various diseases, has a good effect, reflects the overall advantages of treatment.

USING GUIDE - High Electrical Potential Therapy Equipment

Step One
Put the host on the table which is insulating and dry. Please notice that the host must be put away from the wall or the floor for 20cm at least, and the cushion should be 1 meter away from appliances at least.

High Potential Therapeutic

Step two
Connect the host to the electricity supply.Select the proper output mode and plug in the corresponding hole.The function of the modes will be introduced later.

Step three
The cushion must be flatly put on the chair. Please notice the chair must be insulating.
Besides, there must be an insulating mat put on the floor to prevent the energy from emitting through the feet to the earth.


Step four
Sit on the cushion and put the feet on the insulating mat.


Step Five
Use the function of high-potential therapy as an example. Plug in the hole of high-potential. Press the Time button to adjust the therapy time ranges from 30mins to 90mins. Each press will increase 10min. All the grades from 30mins to 90mins, the therapy time would count backwards. When the therapy achieves 90mins, press the button once again, the time will be displayed as 00:00. The therapy time of this mode will count up but no countdown.


Step Six
After the time is set, press the high-potential key to adjust the voltage. There are three grades 5000V,7000V and 9000V. Press the intelligent mode key to choose this mode. The time is set as 30mins, and the power will be adjusted automatically. Please notice, the intelligent mode can only be used while the plug is inserting into the high-potential hole.

Step seven
After the time and power set, press the On and off-key to start the therapy. The figure of potentials displayed on the screen will shine. It shows that the high potential therapy machine is working with this mode.


Mode of high frequency and negative potential
The operation of high frequency and negative potential are as same as the above. Just change the hole and press the corresponding function key. Please attention, the flashing figure or mark indicates that the machine is working with this mode.

Mode of partial pulse
The use of the partial pulse is a little different. Insert the plug of the pain releasing handle to stimulate the parts that you feel pain but without bleeding or trauma, and the indicated light of the handle will turn on.

joint pain treatment

There is another method to use the function.One person sits on the cushion with the mode of high potential. Another person holds the pain releasing handle without connecting to the host to push and click the uncomfortable part directly. It is applicable for treating the parts like shoulder and back that the patient is inconvenient to treat by himself.

Cautions in treatment
1. The voltage should be increased step by step. Adjust the voltage after every 15 days.
2. It is better to use the high frequency in the morning, the high potential in the afternoon and negative potential in the evening. Every treatment time is 30 mins. Please notice that the use of partial pulse is better to control in 15 mins.
3. Drink 250ml water before using the machine, it will accelerate the metabolism.
4. Don't touch someone else as it may increase the electrical sensation suddenly.
5, The therapeutic effect is obvious at the beginning of several times. It is normal that the sense is not as strong as before after several times treatment as our body adapts the therapy.
6. Maybe the patient will feel uncomfortable at the beginning 3 to 5 days of the treatment, the symptom of high blood pressure and insomnia get worse. We call this reaction is healing crisis. The body should have several days to adapt and make the metabolism.

How to check the function?
1. Touch the cushion while choosing the high-potential mode, it can be felt that the vibration of the cushion due to mild electricity.
2. Holde a colour bulb while sitting on the cushion and choosing the high frequency, the bulb can be lighted on.
3. There is a hole at the back of the machine, where can emit the anion. Prepare a bottle of the smoke of the cigarette, and place the top of the bottle to the hole. The smoke can be diluted, and finally disappeared.

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