FAQ of "Cold Laser Therapy"

FAQ of "Cold Laser Therapy"

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Q. How does "Cold Laser Therapy" work?
A. Low-level or cold laser therapy is the application of the wavelength 808nm and 650nm low level laser to irradiate on injuries or wounds to improve the microcirculation & metabolism in the irradiated area and increase and abundant blood supply to the injured tissues. In addition, it increases the tensile strength of tissue, accelerates the rehabilitation of the sports injuries, relieves the pain, anti-inflammation. LLLT infrared laser has been proven in clinical trials to promote faster healing and reduce pain.

Q. What is the indication scope of your cold laser therapeutic instrument?
A. Through the irradiation to the focal zone or relevant acupoint, the laser can be used in the treatment of joint pain, pain relief, sports injury, rehabilitation, therapy, diminish inflammation and other diseases.Details, please click conditions.

Q. What is the side effect of cold laser therapeutic instrument?
A. The laser phototherapy is no invasive, pain-free, no side effect, no trauma, pure physiotherapy.

Q. What is the contraindications of the laser therapeutic instrument?
A. Only pregnancy, the patient who have cancer and hemorrhagic diseases are prohibited to use the cold laser therapy device.

Q. Can I use "Cold Laser Therapy" at home, on myself?
A. "Cold Laser Therapy" is simple enough for any adult to use at home, at work, or on the go.

Q. How to operate the low-level laser therapy instrument?

A. The design of our multi-functional laser therapeutic instrument is intelligent, the time setting is 10 to 60 minutes adjustable, the power setting is five grade adjustable, easy to operate, and with the safe key, when you don't use the instrument can turn off the machine. 

Q.Can a combination of Laser Therapy and other treatment be done together?
A. Yes, Laser Therapy can be used together with many other types of therapy such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy, among others.

Q. How to use the Cold Laser Therapy instrument to treat disease?
A. We sum up more than 30 standard protocols combine with acupuncture points for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions, it is very easy to use. 

Q. How long does it take for the laser to heal or improve a condition?
A. Most people can feel a difference after the very first time using the "Laser Therapy". If there is an acute condition, at least one to six treatments may be required to help to reduce the pain. If it is a chronic problem, you may require ten to fifteen treatments.



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