Deep Tissue Laser Therapy: Benefits, Side Effects, Reviews and Cost

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy: Benefits, Side Effects, Reviews and Cost

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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a specialist form of laser therapy, which adopt high power 980nm or 810nm laser to heal the muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. It is used to improve the quality of life of people who already have chronic pain and to fix damage from sports injuries.

This device is a safe, effective, and non-invasive method of reducing pain, improving circulation, and stimulating the lymphatic system as it creates a heat that stimulates the body's natural healing ability.

You can find so many different types of therapies that are designed to help people stay healthy within this world. Deep tissue laser therapy is one of these various types of therapies. This blog post will take a closer look at the benefits, purposes, and basically everything you know about the best of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Benefits

deep tissue laser therapy
  • Effective on Pain and Inflammation: Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a therapy that uses the power is over 500mW wavelength of laser to penetrate deep into the layers of the body. This therapy can be used to treat pain and inflammation associated with a variety of conditions including accident, injury of body parts, arthritis, or sport-related injuries. Moreover, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a perfect alternative to physical therapy. It is also a cost-effective way to treat chronic pain and inflammation.
  • Promotes Tissue Repair and Cell Growth: Deep tissue laser therapy is a cost-effective way to help accelerate tissue repair and cell growth. It is highly effective in helping to heal and regenerate damaged or injured tissue and muscle because it is less invasive, gentler alternative to traditional procedures

  • Quicker Treatment Time: Deep tissue laser treatments are quick, just 5-10 minutes per laser treatment depending on the size, depth, and acuteness of the disease being treated. High-power lasers are able to deliver a lot of energy in a small amount of time, so therapeutic dosages are absorbed to help the patients recover quicker. 

  • Treatment Effective Scientifically Proven: The effectiveness of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy has been proven in many studies and research on the subject. The treatment is scientifically seen as an alternative to traditional therapy, a physical therapy that is based on the use of substances, or a surgery.

  • Free From Surgeries, Drugs, and Painless: Deep tissue laser therapy is very effective in treating arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions and disorders. Laser therapy does not cause any invasive procedures, and it is painless. You will not have to take any painkillers or drugs, and you can do it at home.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Side Effects

Side effects can be a major concern in any health care treatment, especially when it comes to laser therapy. With most treatments, there are some side effects, but in the case of laser therapy, side effects are rare. Laser therapy is the use of light to treat a variety of medical conditions. In general, there are no side effects with deep tissue laser therapy.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Reviews

When it comes to non-invasive, pain relief, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is one of the most efficient forms of treatment. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy uses light to stimulate the body's own immune system to release the natural pain-killing chemicals and hormones. No wonder why a lot of reviews of this treatment are remarkable.

And although there are some studies that says this therapy still lacks of evidence, it is recognized to be a highly effective therapy for chronic pain and inflammation. It is also important to note that Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is not just a treatment for acute pain as it can be highly effective for chronic pain and inflammation, and has been approved by Food and Drug Administration of FDA, and other renowned medical professionals too.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Cost

It's important to note that the cost of a laser therapy session can vary widely. It can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on which brand of laser therapy you choose. Although keep in mind that the expensive ones don’t mean that they are cost-efficient and more effective than the low-priced.

Comparison of Different Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Machine On the Market







Deep Tissue Class 4 Laser - 980nm 60W High Intensity Class 4 Laser

High-quality Class 4 Laser for a quicker procedure, colored touch screen, key switch safety features, cooling system, easy-to-use instruction manual

980nm with 60 Watts

1 Year

Only $3, 699

TerraQuant/MR4 Elite Similar to MR5

With customizable presets

25,000 Mega Watts

2 Years

$5, 995

Eltech K-Laser Cube 3 by Chattanooga

4.3” Touch screen with internal library, Comes with Console and Fiber Optic Probes

15 Watts total Power Wavelength

5 Years


Lumix Series 3 10

LCD with push buttons and console

100,000 Mega Watts

2 years

$29,000 to $36,000

LightCure LightForce

8” Touch Screen with internal library for training or documentation resources

9,000 Mega Watts with CW, Pulsed, and Sweep

2 Years

$17,000 to $45,000


Final thoughts

As you can see on the table the Deep Tissue Class 4 Laser - 980nm 60W High Intensity Class 4 Laser is more innovated, technologized, and priced less than the other products as other brands appear to be unreasonable.

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