About Domer Laser

DOMER TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITED is mainly focusing on no-side effects, drug-free healthcare solutions. We are professional suppliers of cold laser therapy devices, LED light therapy devices, etc., located in Hong Kong, China.

The products are clinically proven; each product has been designed and manufactured under stringent quality control systems that are certified to meet ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 standards for medical devices.

At Domer Laser, each type of cold laser therapy device or LED light therapy device, we offer a professional training course, you will understand the basic technology (mechanism of action, indication, safety, contraindications, adverse effects), operation method and learn hands-on treatment protocols.

In the past four years, thousands of doctors and patients have bought laser therapy Therapy Equipment from us and received positive feedback on the good news for cases of chronic back pain, arthritis, varicose veins, herniated discs, cervical spines, etc.

Whether you are a patient suffering from a chronic disease or a professional doctor looking for a fast and effective way to treat your patients or the distributors worldwide, Domer Laser can help you.

Once you try it, you will know it is worth it. We always try our best to supply excellent service and products to our clients!