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The Difference Between Lightforce And Domer Laser Class 4 Laser

People have been using light for hundreds of years as a healing energy source. In this era of technology, certain light therapies, including class 4 laser therapy, are widely used to produce photochemical changes in the body and help it heal without drugs or surgery.

A number of class 4 laser are available on the market to provide people with the best possible class 4 laser therapy effects. In this article, we have discussed the key differences between Lightforce and Domer Laser Class 4 laser devices, so you can decide which one is the suitable choice for you.  

How does class 4 laser therapy work?

Class 4 laser therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, is a form of light therapy that uses the laser in the infrared and visible spectrums to produce healing effects in the body. Class 4 laser have a handpiece that is either placed directly on the skin or kept a few centimeters away from the skin to transmit the laser to the injured area.

Each handpiece has several diodes that produce light of varying power and wavelengths, including 810 nm, 980 nm, and 1064 nm.

Laser light photons enter cells and bring chemical changes to them to stimulate the natural healing process. They produce the following effects in a cell:

  • Increase the production of ATP
  • Promote the production of hereditary material
  • Stimulate the collagen synthesis process
  • Stimulate the electron transport chain, resulting in the production of more energy

Benefits of class 4 laser

Class 4 laser therapy has numerous benefits. Some of these are:

  • It increases muscle relaxation by promoting ATP production and blood circulation in the affected areas.
  • It temporarily reduces arthritis symptoms, including swelling, pain, redness, and inflammation.
  • It decreases joint pain that may occur due to a minor injury or old age.
  • It helps overcome chronic and acute injuries like knee damage, tendonitis, lower back pain, etc.
  • It stimulates the healing of skin scars, wounds, and burns.
  • It reduces infection risk and healing time when given post-surgery.
  • It may also prove effective in healing damaged nerves present outside the spinal cord and brain in neuropathy conditions.

What wavelength is a class 4 laser? 

As mentioned earlier, class 4 laser produce a variety of wavelengths that fall in the visible and infrared radiation spectrums. Some standard wavelengths are 810 nm, 980 nm, 1064 nm, and 1470 nm.

Class 4 laser is any laser that has one or more laser beams with an output of 500mW or more. Class 4 lasers between 1 / 2 watt and 60 watts can do damage to the eye or to tissue if improperly used. Different laser wavelengths have different penetration abilities, producing different effects. Your practitioner will determine the laser wavelength based on the issue you want to treat.

The famous Class 4 lasers for sale 

Domer Class 4 980nm 60W Laser for Pain Relief

Domer Class 4 laser is popular among laser therapy practitioners who want to help their patients get rid of pain without painful surgeries or drugs having side effects.

This device produces a laser of 980 nm wavelength and 60 W power. You can also purchase other laser functions, including 1064nm 60W nail fungus treatment laser, 980nm 60W vascular removal laser, and 1470 nm Nd YAG 60W EVLT, by making a little extra payment.

You can treat a number of health problems with it, such as:

  • Pain (knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, back pain, sciatica, sports injuries, etc.)
  • Inflammation
  • Reduced blood circulation

Domer class 4 laser is available at pocket-friendly rates. What’s more, it has zero delivery charges. You will receive it about 7 workdays, no matter where you live. You will also receive a free $100 laser protocol to learn how to operate this device well to get the best possible results.

The device has incredible features, making it easier for all laser therapy practitioners to operate it easily. It comes with protective glasses, a power cable, handles, and some other beneficial accessories.

Lightforce FXi Therapy Laser

Lightforce FXi laser is another popular tool used to provide laser therapy for different conditions. It produces lasers of 810 nm and 980 nm wavelengths. It operates on batteries that need to be recharged after half a day of treatments. It uses contact-application technology, meaning the handpiece stays in contact with the skin throughout the treatment.

Lightforce FXi laser provides a good delivery system with its exclusive massage ball technology. It comes with the following massage balls:

  • Large massage ball
  • Small massage ball
  • Large cone
  • Small cone
  • Flat window

All these forms of ball technology offer specific advantages.

The difference between Lightforce and Domer Laser class 4 laser

Both Lightforce and Domer laser therapy machines have their unique attributes and offer multiple benefits. We have created a comparison table to help you find their key differences and choose the most suitable machine for your laser therapy need. 




Laser type

Class 4 Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide GaAlAs laser

Class 4 solid state laser


980 nm (you can request additional lasers with a little extra payment)

810 nm and 980 nm

Total power (Watts)

0 to 60

0.5 to 50


48 cm × 40 cm × 30 cm

38 cm x 28 cm x 20 cm



3.2 kg

Operating modes

Pulse, single, continuous

Continuous, pulse

Aiming beam

635nm, more than 5mW

650 nm, 4.5 mW


$5,999 dollars

$1,3950 dollars


Summing it up

Class 4 laser therapy is a pain-free and drug-free solution for your pain and inflammation-related problems. So far, it has helped millions of people relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and restore blood circulation by increasing ATP synthesis and initiating natural healing processes within cells.

Domer laser therapy machine and Lightforce laser machine are two effective tools you should consider for your laser therapy needs. But if you compare both, you will find that the Domer class 4 laser offers much more than the other device.

Its laser is of high quality and produces fast results. Unlike the Lightforce laser device, the Domer laser is available at very reasonable rates. Its incredible features, 1-year warranty, and after-sale services make it worth investing in!

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