Low Level Laser Therapy lllt for Cartilage Injury, Lumber Sprain

Low Level Laser Therapy lllt for Cartilage Injury, Lumber Sprain

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Cartilage injury is the most common disease in orthopedics and traumatology, which is often divided into sprain, contusion, and fracture.

Clinic Research:
358 patients with traumatic back pain were treated with Domer Laser 808nm 1000mW laser machine, and 210 patients were treated with drugs (promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, etc.) as the control group.

Results: In the laser group, 164 cases were cured, 77 cases were obviously effective, and 17 cases were ineffective. The total effective rate was 95.3%

In the control group, 32 cases were cured, 68 cases showed significant effect, 110 cases were ineffective, and the total effective rate was 47.6%.

77 patients were followed up and recovered after laser treatment, and no recurrence occurred, while followed up the 48 patients in the drug group, 23 patients recurrence, the recurrence rate is up to 47.9%.

Low Intensity Laser Therapy: For example, the Acute lumbar sprain

Laser Acupuncture protocol:
Adopt 808nm 1000mW laser machine irradiate the acupuncture point, Ashi point, BL40 point,BL37, Shenshu point, BL25, Yaotong acupoint, select 3-5 acupuncture point, each point irradiate 10 minutes, once per day.

Clinic research:
A total of 20 patients from Shanghai institute of sports and sports technology was treated by Laser acupuncture therapy, including 24 pain area.

Results: 9 cases were cured, 9 cases were obviously effective, and 6 cases were effective. Among them, 9 people had physical therapy and massage, but the effect was not good enough, then they were treated by laser therapy. 

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