Led Light Therapy for Skin - Clinical Research

Led Light Therapy for Skin - Clinical Research

In the beauty field, the use of LED skin care is more common, such as 630nm red light,465nm blue light,590nm yellow light and 850nm infrared light.

Wang xiuli, Department of Light Medical Treatment, Shanghai Dermatological Hospital, had made a skin test in 14 patients with photoaging. She irradiates the patient's skin with 530nm,630nm and 850nm LED light therapy respectively,3 times a week and 12 times in total. After treatment, the effects of LED light therapy on skin aging can be judged by observing the water content of the skin's stratum corneum, the brightness of the skin's color, the appearance, color of the photoaged skin and the effects on the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis tissue.

The results show that different wavelengths of LED light therapy produce different effects on the skin. In 14 patients with 630nm and 850nm led light irradiation, the skin texture was depended on and the pigmentation was increased in the light points of 10 and 7 patients respectively. In addition, after 630nm and 850nm light irradiation, the skin water content of the patient's stratum corneum was obviously increasing. 

465nm blue Led treatment has the bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect because of the bacteria on the skin can absorb light at this wavelength to kill bacteria and make normal sebum secretion. 

And 630nm red led light treatment can improve blood circulation and microcirculation, accelerate metabolism. Repair damaged capillaries and promote epithelial growth. Since led red light does not have a strong thermal effect and the depth of the penetrated tissue is 2 to 5cm, which can reach deeper into the submucosa of the skin. Therefore, the light can be absorbed by the tissue cells, which promote the phagocytic energy of the body's white blood cells to increase, and the deep capillaries expand and the blood flow accelerates. Hemodynamic effects can be improved, blood viscosity and blood lipids can also be reduced, and the discharge of inflammatory products and absorption of edema can be accelerated so as to promote the growth of granulation tissue and hair, the synthesis of collagen cells  and accelerate the healing of wounds, ulcers, and fractures end up the results in promoting the role of cell regeneration.

In cosmetology, the most common photorejuvenation is mainly a non-stripping method of skin rejuvenation treatment using continuous intense pulsed light at a low energy density, which is one of the main ways for improving skin photoaging. It can improve skin wrinkles, rough texture, irregular pigmentation, and large pores. This skin aging is caused by elastic fibrosis and collagen fiber maturation disorders in the base layer of the dermis, resulting in loose skin and wrinkles.

The red led light therapy and near-infrared LED light therapy can penetrate the epidermis to reach the dermis layer of the skin, and promote the regeneration and rearrangement of the elastic fibers and collagen fibers through the photochemical action so as to reduce the skin wrinkles and increase the flexibility.

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