What is the Best Way to Treat Lumbar disc herniation

What is the Best Way to Treat Lumbar disc herniation

The nucleus pulposus of the inter-vertebral disc is mostly due to long-term chronic annulus fibrosus and nucleus pulposus degeneration or sharp mechanical compression, which causes low back pain, hind leg pain, and occurs in the lumbar 4-5 inter-vertebral space.

What causes lumbar disc herniation?

1, Trauma: Acute injuries, such as lumbar sprain, it can easily cause disc herniation without the protection of the lower back muscles. 

2,Overloading: The high-risk group of lumbar disc herniation is manual labor, and the early degeneration of the intervertebral disc is caused by excessive load. The study found that when the spinal weight is 100Kg, the normal intervertebral disc space is narrowed by 1.0mm and bulged 0.5mm to the lateral side. When the intervertebral disc is degenerated, the same weight is lost, the intervertebral space is narrowed by 1.5-2mm, and the lateral bulge is 1mm. 

3,Frequent vibration: The most common group of people are drivers who have been sitting and rocking for a long time. The pressure on the lumbar disc increases, and the long-term vibration causes the pressure on the disc to increase, accelerating the degeneration or protrusion of the disc.

4,Bad posture: When working, it is necessary to constantly change position, including sitting, standing, lying and unavoidable various non-physiological postures, which can easily cause trauma or cumulative damage to the intervertebral disc, such as lifting heavy objects, often induced by bad posture.

5,Spinal deformity: Congenital and secondary spinal deformity in patients, because the disc is not wide, and often exist torsion, so that the annulus fibrosus pressure is not the same, easy to accelerate the degeneration of the disc. Patients with spinal deformity is a high incidence of lumbar disc herniation

What is the best way to treat a herniated disc in the lower back?

Not like painkiller, laser therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free, light-based therapy that uses red and infrared light to target inflamed, injured and diseased tissues. low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has been verified the safest and economic way to treat the patients with acute and chronic low back pain caused by lumbar disk herniation (LDH). Here is the clinic research made by Hualong Hospital in Shanghai.China, 79 patient with lumbar disc herniation were included in the study.

Laser treatment protocols:

The case was adopted the our 1000mW 808nm laser machine, combine with CT and MRI, find the affected part of the intervertebral space firstly, then adopt the Probe B laser probe irradiate the nerve root near the left or right side, and GB 30 acupuncture point, each point irradiate 8 mins, each treatment select 2-3 points. When the patient felt a slight tingling or heat sensation, the treatment effect will be the best.

Laser Therapy Results:

For the total 79 patient, 45 patients complete cured, 18 patient had great effect, 13 patient had the good results, 3 patient didn’t find the effective, the effective rate is up to 96.20%.

Low level laser therapy was an effective method of reducing pain and functional disability in the therapy of low back pain

About 808nm 1000mW Laser machine

Domer Laser 808nm 1000mW Laser machine is perfectly combined 808nm and 650nm wavelength low level laser, especially the 808nm laser has the strong penetration, which can work under the skin 3-5cm to accelerate the soft tissues repair, anti-inflammation. The 1000mW laser machine with two laser probe, the small laser probe can trigger the acupuncture point or nerve point, the big laser probe can treat the low back or knee, shoulder. The Laser machine is easy to use, time is from 10-60 minutes adjustable, power is five grade adjustable, we supply you the professional laser treatment protocols to help you get the better results, doctors can order it for clinic use, patient can order it for home use. The price is most competitive than other 808nm Laser in the market, other brand is more than 2500$ dollars, for details of 1000mW Laser machine, visit: 1000mW Laser Machine


Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Efficacy of high intensity laser therapy in treatment of patients with lumbar disc protrusion: A randomized controlled trial.2018 Feb 6


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