Laser Therapy for diopathic Facial (Bell’s) Palsy

Laser Therapy for diopathic Facial (Bell’s) Palsy

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What's The Bell's Palsy?

Facial nerve palsy is also known as Bell's palsy. The cause is unknown. It is usually thought that the blood vessels of the local nutrient nerves spasm due to wind and cold, which leads to ischemia and edema of the nerve tissue. It may also be related to local infection.The clinical manifestations are rapid onset, the patient’s mouth angle is vortex, one eyelid cannot be closed, tears, slurred speech, drooling, etc.

Clinic Research for Bell's Palsy by Laser

In 1997, Lian Fengjiang in China reported that 18 cases of facial nerve paralysis were treated with laser intravascular irradiation, the cure rate was 100%, the shortest healing time was 7 days, and the longest 17 days. Among the 12 cases in the control group, 10 cases were cured and 2 cases improved. The cure rate is 83.3%, the shortest cure is 13 days, and the longest cure is 50 days.

Laser acupuncture treatment, due to its low stimulation, short course of treatment, good curative effect, and no adverse reactions, it can be used for early treatment without causing hemifacial spasm caused by excessive acupuncture stimulation.

How to Select the Right Laser Therapy Device?

Clinical studies have shown that the use of gallium arsenide (low GaAs) semiconductor laser has the best effect, such as Domer Laser 808nm 1000mW Laser machine, average power 100mW, irradiation of the total stem of the facial nerve (frontal branch, zygomatic branch, capillary branch and marginal mandibular branch) irradiation, start irradiation 10- 15min, 10 times is a course of treatment. Since the penetration of infrared semiconductor laser is much stronger than that of red light Led medical light, and the nerve cell myelin sheath seen in the ultrastructure of nerve cell after irradiation is loose, it can be completely repaired after treatment, and the effect is reliable. The patient can Treatment it by the 1000mW Laser machine at home. 

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