All the Things About Laser Acupuncture

All the Things About Laser Acupuncture

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Laser Acupuncture

Laser Acupuncture is also called Laser acupoint radiation (LAR), it is a method of  using the low level laser to stimulate the meridians and on various acupoints of the whole body to achieve health care, prevention, and treatment of diseases.

Laser Acupuncture treatment is the latest and most intelligent treatment method based on traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture theory, combining meridian theory, viscera theory, bioelectricity theory, biological whole theory with modern laser and electronic science and technology. It will pass through the meridians, reconcile the blood, balance the yin and yang, and stimulate the vitality of the cells to achieve the function of health care, prevention, and treatment of diseases.

Chinese medicine believes that under normal physiological conditions, the body is in a state of the smooth meridian, qi, and blood, coordination of organs and yin and yang. However, In the case of medical records, then the meridians are stagnant, the blood is not smooth, the organs are dysfunctional, and the yin and yang are out of balance. The laser acupuncture method is to apply a certain amount of stimulation on the relevant acupuncture points, which can stimulate and enhance the automatic adjustment and control function of the meridian to correct the disordered state of qi and blood yin and yang. Laser irradiation of acupoints, to ventilate blood, regulate the viscera and yin and yang, to achieve the purpose of treatment of disease. Laser acupuncture cannot only treat diseases that acupuncture can treat, but also laser acupuncture can treat diseases that acupuncture cannot treat., such as burns, facial acne, cysts, epidermal inflammation. Direct irradiation of the affected area with a laser can have a good anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

The Feature of Laser Acupuncture

  • Laser Acupuncture utilizes exactly the same principles and effects Traditional Acupuncture, what’s more, laser acupuncture don't like the needles will appear curved needle, hysteretic needle, seasickness needle, broken needle, stabbed important viscera, stabbed forbidden area.
  • Laser Acupuncture is a gentle, painless, non-invasive, aseptic and effective alternative to traditional acupuncture, the patient will not happen swelling and pain, it is suitable for the elderly, children, weak, and the patient who are afraid of needles
  • Adopt the Laser probe to irradiate the acupoint is perfect, no need skillfully, patient can treat at home

  • Laser acupuncture is quicker and helps to heal soft tissue damage faster, laser acupunture also helps to regenerate damaged nerve.

  • Use the laser and acupuncture together for some serious conditions, will help the patient recover sooner. 

  • Laser Acupuncture has excellent results for wound, skin disease, and treat on the skin directly, while needles can't. 
  • Widely used for the acute and chronic disorder, the contraindications are rare. For example, Laser acupuncture can directly irradiate CV8 acupoint to treat infantile diarrhea and other diseases, while needle acupuncture cannot; Laser acupuncture can irradiate the acupoints in the blood vessels,the therapeutic effect can be achieved by activating various factors in the blood vessels, while acupuncture can be treated except bloodletting therapy and moxibustion therapy, but needle can't treat.

Acupuncture and Laser Therapy may be used independently or in conjunction with each other. Acupuncture works on three levels - physical, mental and emotional - either in isolation or in combination. Laser Therapy, on the other hand, provides a valuable tool to accelerate the healing of many tissue and structural problems. Together they provide a very effective treatment modality covering the entire structure of the body.

How to Use Laser Acupuncture?

The most important part is selecting the right acupoints to treat and the correct type of laser therapy device. Any point on the body can be treated with laser except for those near the eyes. Even if the patient with the skin problem, wound, or an injury, you can use the laser to irradiate the area.

Depending on the power and type of cold laser therapy device you using, for example, the 650nm low-level laser can produce chemical effects, not thermal effects, so it has a good effect on acute pain and inflammation, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. The 808nm low-level laser is the infrared laser, it has the better result for the chronic disorder, accelerate the soft tissue repair.

Regarding the laser acupuncture protocols, dosage, treatment time, it is the complex problem, because different laser device, the treatment time and dosage is different, generally speaking, the lower power laser irradiation is reinforcing, the higher power laser irradiation is reducing; the shorter time laser irradiation is reinforcing, the longer time laser irradiation is reducing. If your cold laser therapy device supplier offers you the laser acupuncture protocols, that will be very convenient for you, while, as I know 80% of the laser therapy instrument supplier don’t supply the protocols. But Domer Laser supply dozens of laser acupuncture protocols for the clients, which was tested by thousands of patients. Order the Laser therapy device for clinic use, recommend this 1000mW 808nm Laser therapy machine; if you want for home use, the 660mW Handheld Laser will be the better choice, we supply the professional laser therapy protocols for both of the Laser therapy device. 

The Contraindication of Laser Acupuncture

Eyes: Do not aim laser beams into the eyes and everyone present should wear appropriate safety spectacles.

Thyroid: Do not aim the laser beam into your thyroid, LLLT can compromise thyroid function.

Pregnant: Do not treat directly over the developing fetus.

Epileptics: Pay attention that low frequency pulsed visible light (<30Hz) might trigger a seizure in photosensitive, epileptic patients.

Cancer and hemorrhagic disease: the patient who has cancer and hemorrhagic diseases are prohibited to use the cold laser therapy device.

Laser acupoint therapy is the safest, greenest and natural treatment in the world. It is a kind of needle-free acupuncture for the four major reflex zones of the human body. It uses human bioelectricity to produce a bioelectric energy pulse that simulates acupuncture and treats diseases for itself.


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