Laser therapy for horse

How to Use Laser Therapy for Horse?

Did you know that most hard-working horses suffer from at least muscle pain in various parts of their body, which hinders their performance? Most riders don't realize  their horses are in pain until they are actually lame, but their performance and attitude will suffer much sooner!

When you use Domer Cold Laser Therapy Device to trigger the sore points, you can watch them magically disappear! Help your horses feel better and perform better You'll be WONDERFUL at the difference!

cold laser therapy device

First, after getting as much info as I can on each horse's history, I run my trigger point tool all over the horse's body, looking for sore spots. And I examine all legs and joints to look for any signs of trouble.

I then usually start by running the cold laser therapy device down the entire length of the horse's topline for a few minutes on each side, a process called“unwind." This is very relaxing for the horse, and it shows them how pleasant the laser is.

Next I will work on the horse's poll area, which is very often a place that they hold tension (which often shows up as resistance under saddle.) Many horses will drop their heads and close their eyes when I am working on this area. Then I often spend a few minutes working on the TMJ joints for a few minutes.

Then I adopt my cold laser therapy device moving down along the neck, first the muscles, then the area around the cervical vertebrae, and along the shoulder. Next I spend a few minutes on the acupressure point that helps to relax the whole shoulder/neck/front leg area on that side. And if the horse is touchy or tender around the girth & pectoral muscles, I will spend a minute there. Many horses with chronic foreleg pain will experience pain in this area.

Next I use the therapeutic laser move along the horse's back and hindquarters, letting my trigger point tool show me exactly where to spend extra time. The loin area (behind the saddle), the Lumbosacral joint, and the Sacroiliac joint are VERY common areas of soreness in the horse - especially for really big horses, or those with a long back.

I usually finish with the joints in the horse's legs, spending extra time on any joint that may have an issue. I work on knees, fetlocks, tendons, ligaments, feet, heels, stifles, and the horse's hard working hocks.

Regularly working on those hard working joints will help to keep them healthy and pain free. Remember that keeping inflammation OUT of your horse's joints is crucial for

preventing the beginnings of and the progression of arthritis in those joints. Which is one of the top causes of loss of performance in the horse.

So think of a Laser Treatment as a full body tuneup for your horse! It will help your horse's sore spots and problem areas feel better, and will help to prevent future problems!

Thanks Dr Lesley shared her experience. 

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