Class 4 Laser

Class 4 Laser: How It Works & What It Does?

A variety of laser therapy, including deep tissue class 4 lasers, are used around the world to produce laser therapeutic effects and help people improve their health.

Laser therapy provides a safe (approved by the FDA), painless, and drug-free way of reducing pain and stimulating healing. Since the invention of the class 4 laser, millions of people have it every year. However, many people still don't know how it works or what it does.

So in this article, you will learn all the basics of deep tissue class 4 laser therapy.

What is the class 4 laser?

Class 4 laser is any laser that has one or more laser beams with an output of 500mW or more (for example, 905nm or 980nm). A Class 4 laser is called a high-power laser because of its ability to emit high photonic energy in a short period of time and a hot laser because it can increase the temperature of the superficial tissue. It produces different effects in tissues, which encourages tissue healing and repair.

Class 4 laser has more energy compared to class 3B; hence, it penetrates deeper and produces results fast. During the deep tissue class 4 laser therapy, the patient may feel warmth on the skin due to the laser's high energy. Therefore, the laser must be handled carefully, and precautionary measures should be taken.

Does deep tissue class 4 laser therapy work?

Yes, like other forms of laser therapy, deep tissue laser therapy also works and produces healing effects.

It targets certain biological processes in the body in the injured area and stimulates blood circulation, which decreases pain and swelling associated with inflammation and improves the range of motion of the affected tendon, muscle, or ligament.

It increases the production of energy currency (ATP molecules); as a result, your body's natural healing process speeds up.

What is a class 4 laser used for? 

 Class 4 laser are used for acute as well as chronic issues. You can have the treatment to:

  • Treat pain associated with injuries

  • Increase the post-activity recovery rate for athletes and sports people.

  • Treat chronic as well as acute pain associated with neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, low back pain, elbow pain, sciatica, and arthritis

  • Control pain before and after a surgery

  • Prolong or reduce the need for surgery by diminishing pain

  • Speed up results of a treatment you are already having

There are many benefits to the class 4 laser. Some of these benefits include:

  • It is a drug-free treatment.

  • It does not cause the pain that surgeries produce. However, it does produce the sensation of warmth.

  • It reduces pain without any invasion.

  • It is approved by the FDA, which proves its authenticity and effectiveness.

How long does it take for deep-tissue laser therapy to work?

The answer to this question varies from patient to patient. A patient with minor neck pain may recover faster than a patient with chronic arthritis.

We can say that, on average, you may need 4 to 10 sessions of therapy to see results. The duration of a session can vary from 5 to 10 minutes. The number of sessions a person needs depends on:

  • The extent of the pain

  • The depth of the tissue

  • The size of the affected area

Deep tissue class 4 laser machine you need to consider

There are many forms of deep tissue class 4 laser machines on the market. However, you should select the one that meets your needs the best.

The deep tissue class 4 laser by Domer Laser produces a 980nm, 60W high-intensity class 4 laser that helps reduce pain and shows results fast. Some of its specifications worth mentioning are:

  • It has two work modes: pulse and continuous.

  • Its frequency is adjustable. You can change it from 0 to 30 Hz.

  • The laser beam size can be adjusted from 20 to 40 mm.

  • It has no shipping cost, meaning you can get it shipped anywhere in the world without any shipping cost.  

  • You can have a 60-day trial to see if it is the right product for you.

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • The product costs only $3,699.00 USD, which is considered reasonable compared to many other laser machines offering the same specifications.

Things you should consider when selecting a class 4 laser machine

Laser therapy machines are manufactured in different forms, but not all forms are created equal. You should know which traits make a laser machine worth buying, so you can invest in the right product.

Here are a few things you need to consider before you buy a class 4 laser machine.

Quality of the equipment: A good laser therapy machine has high longevity and gives high-quality results. Therefore, make sure you check the lifespan of the machine and the quality of its results before you buy it.

Key features: All class 4 laser therapy practitioners have specific goals related to the treatment they are interested in offering at their clinic. You should purchase a machine whose features match your definite goals. Check features like frequency, wavelength, work mode, beam size, and pulse duration of the match, and then select the one that goes well with your goals.

Cost: Before you go to the market, set your budget and stick to it so you don’t have any financial issues later on. Purchase a class 4 laser machine that does not exceed your budget.

Warranty: Like any other equipment, a laser machine may also require repair and maintenance during its lifespan. That is why the product you buy should come with at least a 1-year warranty, so you can contact the company to repair the machine for free if it gets damaged during the warranty period.


Class 4 laser is a deep-penetrating beam that reaches the deep tissue and stimulates the natural healing process to relieve pain and decrease inflammation. If you are dealing with acute or chronic pain, getting a deep tissue class 4 laser might be the right solution for you.

The Domer Deep Tissue Class 4 Laser Machine is an efficient and durable machine that class 4 laser therapy practitioners should consider buying. It comes with multiple beneficial features at a reasonable cost. The equipment can be a great addition to laser therapy clinics, helping practitioners achieve their treatment-related goals quickly.

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