A Rapid-Fire Guide to Deep Tissue Laser Therapy | Class 4 Laser

A Rapid-Fire Guide to Deep Tissue Laser Therapy | Class 4 Laser

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Aches? Knots? Pain? More clinicians and therapists are turning to deep tissue laser therapy to relieve pain and restore quality of life.

Pain can be triggered by a number of factors, from injuries to inflammation to exercise and more. In the past, we’d turn to quick fixes like medication to mask the pain. Or for the more daring, natural methods like an ice bath were preferable.

For anyone looking for something natural and less extreme, there’s deep tissue class 4 laser therapy. With no side effects or downtime, patients can expect long-lasting results.

Here’s your guide to deep tissue laser therapy and why it should be your go-to for at-home pain relief.

How Does Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Work?

Healing from pain is an evolution of sorts that happens within your body, and deep tissue laser therapy helps to speed up this process.

Deep tissue class 4 laser targets affected areas using a process called photobiomodulation Therapy. This process irradiates the lesion par where blood flow has been decreased, Class 4 Laser 980nm 60W directly irradiates the lesion par which blood flow is decreased, or irradiate the sympathetic ganglion which dominates this range. It could supply sufficient blood and nutrition, to accelerate the metabolism, enhance the activity of phagocyte and increase the immunity, and diminish the inflammation quickly.

What’s more, the injured party could release the substance similar to morphia after the deep tissue class 4 laser irradiation.The irradiation also could reduce the conduction rate, power and impulse frequency to receive the pain quickly.

How Much Does Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Cost?

As with any type of healthcare product, cost is often a concern. When it comes to Class 4 Laser (Deep tissue laser therapy machine), the cost can vary. 

Our professional-grade Domer High Intensity German Class 4 Laser costs $5,699 for one unit. We also offer discounts when multiple units are purchased.

Many natural wellness centers offer deep tissue laser therapy, both as a standalone therapy or as part of a larger wellness program. Cost per treatment can vary from 30$ to 80$ dollars, especially considering that the number of treatments may also vary by patient.

Many patients will see results after 1 to 5 treatments. However, for more severe pain or injuries, additional treatments may be required.

Many clinics we work with offer discounts to patients when multiple visits are purchased together. Some clinics also allow patients to purchase individual visits, but this option can be more expensive when comparing the price per visit.

Choosing a Class 4 Laser

Not all class 4 Laser are created equal. Things like quality, price, wavelength, and power can vary between machines and brands, all of which can ultimately affect the results of your treatment.

For comparison, Apollo offers two class 3B lasers, the DT + 5000 Probe to 500mW and the Portable +3000&500. Both lasers feature a wavelength of 810nm and are rated as a Class 3B laser. The Apollo lasers are more comparable in price to the Domer Class 4 laser, but Domer Laser is total 60W 980nm wavelength class 4 Laser, the patient can receive many energy from the laser treatment to recover sooner, and only 5-10 minutes per laser treatment to save your time treat more patients.

Other names in the Class 4 Laser category include the Lightcure Lightforce, Eltech K-Laser by Cube 3, and the Eltech K-laser Vet Systems. The Cube 3 and Eltech K-laser Vey Systems both start at $19,990, while the Lightcure’s 980nm class 4 laser price ranges from $17,000 to $45,000. The Lightcure is comparable to the Domer laser in that it adopt the same 980nm laser, while the price of Lightcure 980nm 9W class 4 Laser is nearly 8 times expensive than Domer Laser Class 4 Laser 980nm 60W.

After compared with other brands on the market, we found Domer Laser is a higher quality, more cost effective product that’s also safe and effective. Domer Laser has put its deep tissue class 4 laser to work in over 5,000 lab tests and trials and has published more than 9,000 lab studies. It also provides a 60-day test period (other brands don’t specify a trial period or money-back guarantee) plus a one-year warranty on all parts.

Domer Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Review

Domer Laser is getting real patients real results. Dr. Kelly, a chiropractor in the U.S., shares how our deep tissue Class 4 Laser helped three of his patients improve their quality of life after just a few Laser treatments.

“I recently worked with a 60-year old neuropathy patient who had struggled to walk for months. After just one treatment, she was able to walk without feeling any pain — the first time in months.  

I had another patient who came to me with a number of pain points: knee pain, shoulder strain, a herniated disc in her lumbar region, and leg cramps. She is currently on her third consecutive business. We also plan to begin a massage therapy regimen and introduce a muscle strengthening protocol along with the laser.

Another 60-year old patient had diabetic neuropathy in her foot. For weeks she has been unable to walk without also feeling a numb, tingling, burning, stabbing sensation in her foot. After five visits, we saw a significant reduction in the black spot on her foot, proving the laser works as promised. The Domer laser has been life changing for all three of my patients.”

Get Deep Tissue Class 4 Laser!

Adding deep tissue laser therapy to your practice offers an extra revenue stream. But more importantly, it gives patients a highly effective alternative to pain relief that is free of side effects, is fast acting, and offers results that last a long time.

As you explore the potential of deep tissue laser therapy, don’t forget that machine quality matters. When you make getting a high-quality machine one of your top priorities, patient satisfaction should naturally follow.

Explore the benefits of Domer Laser deep tissue laser therapy today.



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