Diabetes Treatment Protocol by Millimeter Wave Therapeutic Instrument

Millimeter wave therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, combined with modern non-invasive non-invasive electronic millimeter wave and  Chinese medicine high-tech electronic treatment. The principle is using of advanced millimeter wave pulse frequency irradiation therapy technology and supplemented by a specific frequency of electrical stimulation of the human body acupuncture points in order to achieve energy conversion, improve the body's immune function, improve human microcirculation, regulating the body's endocrine and nervous system, to play the role of improve and treat the diabetes and diabetic complication. 

Millimeter wave therapy

We'd like to share a few of protocols to help the clients know how to treat diabetes and diabetic complications with millimeter wave therapeutic instrument.

The probe of Millimeter wave is big, you can cover the acupoint easily. 
Best treatment time: before 7 a.m., after 9p.m..hod. 

Diabetic main site:
Irradiate of pancreatic body surface projection area, Diji(Pic 4), Shenshu(Pic 5),
Sanyinjiao(Pic 6) acupoint. One or two times a day, 30 minutes each time.

Diabetes Treatment Acupuncture Point

Diabetic skin ulcer:
Irradiate lesions area, auxiliary the surface projection of the pancreas(Pic 7),
Diji(Pic 8) acupoint. One or two times a day, 30 minutes each part.
Continue treatment until recovery.

Diabetic skin ulcer treatment

After you order, we will send you more diabetic complications treatment protocols, for example,  diabetic neuropathy, vascular lesions, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic thirst, diabetic hunger, etc. 

The Clinical Test Approved:
After about 20 days treatment glucose will decrease 2 levels.
After about 1-month diabetic foot will be cured.

What's more, millimeter wave therapy also has the great effect on the treatment of cancer, tumor. Millimeter wave therapy can avoid or reduce the side effects, dependence, drug resistance and other hazards caused by painkillers. It can play an active role in cancer patients and can be used alone or in combination with other treatment methods to form a significant effect of anti-cancer synthesis Therapy, millimeter wave for cancer pain treatment, high efficiency and quick results.

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