Cooperative Clinic

MP HEALTH -The Netherlands

MP Health - Laser therapy clinic

MP Health is the professional practitioner for the Low Level Laser Therapy, they bought the Handy Laser Therapy device from us. MP Health can help your acute and chronic pain, transient complaints and connective tissue problems such as painful or stiff scars are addressed. The treatments consist of a combination of massage, SiVAS acupuncture, laser acupuncture, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and nutritional advice. The treatments are designed to address, reduce and resolve your complaint.

Adress: Vlamoven 34, 6826TN Arnhem, The Netherlands

Beauty&Physical Therapy Center -Israel

Cooperative Clinic in Israel

The owner is Mr.Mahmoud, they bought the Multifunctional 1000mW Laser Therapeutic Instrument from us, which can treat the acute pain, wound, swelling, sport injuries, spur tennis elbow, osteoarthritis, femoral neurosis, acute lumbago, calcaneal spur, knee pain, back pain, and chronic pain, varicose veins, lumbar disc herniation, femoral head nerosis, sciatica, RA, etc.They also supply the beauty service, welcome to visit them.