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Clinically Proven Laser Hair Growth for Men & Women, Laser Comb

How does Laser Hair Growth Work?

The Domer Haircare Medical Grade Infrared Laser Comb delivers two 650nm wavelength cold laser + twelve 635nm Red LED + four 465 nm blue LED therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles, through the feature of hot pressure, photochemical reaction, biological stimulation effect, the laser comb stimulate the scalp capillaries, nerves, and skin tissue blood circulation, help the hair follicle cells to obtain sufficient energy, makes the hair follicle cells divide acceleration, speed up the natural hair growth cycle, your hair will grow faster.

How Long Does the Hair Growth Laser Comb Work?

Use the laser comb for just 15-20minutes, continue to use 4 days a week and you can experience new hair growth with increased density, fullness, and luster, one month to two months the rooting of white hair will become black( Except for white hair caused by kidney deficiency).

Is Laser Comb Effective?

Low-Level Laser 650nm and 635nm Red Led & 465nm Blue Led have been studied as a treatment for hair loss; reviews from 2008 already found evidence to support the use of lasers to treat hair loss. We also made many clinical studies for the laser comb treatment, thousands of hair loss, pattern baldness person get benefit from it and become more beautiful.

What Is the Side Effect of Hair Growth Laser Comb?

Laser hair growth is natural healing, painless, not invasive, no side effect physical therapy device, a laser hair comb work for man and woman.

What is the Difference between Domer Laser Comb and HairMax or Capillus?

  • Domer Laser Comb is affordable, quality, effective 
  • Domer Laser Comb adopts upgraded technology, it combines LED red and blue spectrum color light, and laser all in one machine to help your hair grow faster. 
  • As Domer Laser Comb has blue & Red Led light therapy, it can be used for facial rejuvenation also
  • Domer Laser Comb with Vibration Massage function to help you relieve the head pressure and fatigue

What is Included? 

Professional hair growth Laser Comb (2) power cord, (3) laser comb charger, (4) Rechargeable Battery, (5) user manual in the English version, (6) quick start guide.

 What is Laser Brush for Hair Growth Usage & Attention?

  • Don't look directly at the laser comb teeth or through an optical device, do not use in front of the mirror or bathroom to prevent the laser reflection.
  • Keep the laser comb away from children, pregnant women, cancer patients or people with internal bleeding, pacemakers should not use.
  • Use the product with care to avoid collision. Do not drop.
  • Keep the laser comb teeth clean.
  • The laser comb must be switched off while charging and do not use the laser comb while connected to the adapter. Shut off the power when cleaning the laser comb.

How to Use the Laser Comb?

Suggest using the laser comb before you go to bed, about 10-20 minutes. The laser comb with the vibratory massage function, when you open the laser comb, please use the laser comb slowly comb your hair from front to back, against the hair follicle, until comb to the Baihui acupoint, please massage the Baihui acupoint for a while, then continue to comb your hair down to the Fengchi point, and massage the Fengchi acupoint for a while, until that your head skin fevers or numbs.

Keep to using it every day. 

We have two useful methods for your option, the laser comb is good for a headache also, for details, please refer to the video Best Laser Comb for Hair growth

Does the product use LEDs or medical-grade infrareds?

We use the medical-grade infrared Laser and Therapy Led Light, not the normally led lamp. 

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