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Pain Relief Handy Rehabilitation Electric Acupoint Therapy Meridian Detect Muscle Stimulate Body Massage laser acupuncture pen

Acupuncture Meridian Energy Pen is based on traditional Chinese organ channels theory and modern biotechnology, a combination of bio-engineering technology. It's a major breakthrough in the history of Meridian.

Application Range:
Nerve pain, muscle pain, Intelligent acupoint detection pen, partial body pain relief, improve body immune system

Meridian Pen Functions:
It can move on the surface of the human skin to automatically locate acupuncture points flexibly without piercing the skin,
activate the skin tissue, prevent skin from sagging and aging, promote blood circulation, dredge the body meridians, relieve muscle pain.
Meridian pen not only can activate the muscle tissue, prevent muscle relaxation but also to clear the meridians, relieve partial body pain, is the best body care product for daily use, more convenient to carry and use.

Its unique features:

1. No cross-infection, no trauma, safe & effective, pure physiotherapy.
2. No need piercing the skin to locate body acupuncture points.
3. The essence of Chinese traditional organ channels, health Wellness;
4. Eight-degree adjustable intensity mode based on different treatment need;
5. Automatic shut off technology;
6. Rechargeable battery supported.

If you want to find the Laser Acupuncture Pen, that is different from the Meridian Acupuncture pen, Laser acupuncture mean to adopt the cold laser device to irradiate the acupuncture point for seconds or minutes, the treatment principle is similar with acupuncture.

Laser acupuncture is also effective and often shown to be as effective as needle acupuncture for a variety of problems. Effectiveness is enhanced because laser acupuncture allows you to treat points you otherwise might not be able to treat, due to patient age, sensitivity, or fear.

Our clients who are the clinic owner of acupuncture, they choose our the 1000mW Laser Therapy Machine, it can have the great effect for the acute & chronic pain, swelling, wound, skin problem, etc. For details, visit 1000mW Laser Machine 

If you want the Laser Acupuncture pen for personal use, we have the Handheld Laser device, the effect is better than the acupuncture pen, when you use the handheld Laser there is no feeling or just feel a mildly warm, not like the acupuncture pen, you will feel the electric pain. And the effect of a handheld Laser device for pain relief is better than acupuncture pen, for details, welcome to visit: Handheld Laser Device 

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