Male Prostate Therapy Machine, Led Light Therapy for Male disease

  • Male Prostate Red Light Therapy Machine irradiates the relevant acupuncture point and has a unique effect on regulating physiological and reproductive function.
  • 630nm Red Therapy light accelerates the healing of inflammation, regulates the internal factors of the body itself, and restores the normal physiological state.
  • Domer Male Red Light Therapy machine with an excellent design that combines 630nm red therapy light and 465nm blue light to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, perineal pain, difficulty urinating, frequent urination, nocturnal polyuria.
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    How Dose Led Light Therapy Work for Prostate?

    Led Light Therapy is A Drug Free Alternative, Painless, No Side Effective, Domer Male Led Light Therapy Machine Combine Acupuncture Point to Treat the Male Prostate, Effective, Easy to Use.

    Irradiate the Relevant Acupoint

    Guanyuan acupoint is used for urinary and reproductive diseases in clinical. The perineum acupoint has the unique effect on regulating physiological and reproductive function.

    Red Light Penetrates the Prostatic Membrane

    Uses concentrated energy narrow-spectrum red light to irradiate, and accelerate the absorption and disappearance of inflammatory products, to regulate the internal factors of the body itself and restore the normal physiological state.

    Combine Blue & Red Therapy Light

    Blue light is sterilization, red light is anti-inflammatory, the male red light therapy machine with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and repairing effects.

    Male Led Light Therapy Application

    Male Led Light therapy machine irradiate the relevant acupuncture point has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and repairing effects.

    More FAQs

    Product Specification

    The Domer Male Led Light Therapy Machine with intelligent operation interface, just need to set the power and treatment time, super easy to use.

    • Led Therapy Light Type: red light 630nm±10nm, blue light 465nm±10nm
    • The Power Density of Spot in The Center of Single Lamp bead: ≦10(mW/c㎡)
    • The power density of spot in the center of single lamp bead(mW/c㎡): Red light and blue light are 20±20% respectively
    •  The power instability: ≦ 10%
    • The output power repeatability: ≦ 10%
    • The operation mode of the treatment apparatus: operating continuously
    • Power Source: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz, with US/EU plug
    • Compliant to: ISO 13485 Medical Device Quality, IEC 60825-1 Laser Safety, IEC 60601-1-2 EMC, CB Mark, CE Mark, CMDCAS

    Contraindication of Male Led Light Therapy Machine

    Red & Blue Led Light Therapy is safe and no side effective, when you do the treatment, please just notice don't use the Male led light therapy machine treat the contraindications as below:

    • Photosensitive patients
    • Patients with Cancer & Tumor 
    • Patients with cerebral hemorrhage 

    Which Acupuncture Point can Treat Prostate?

    The perineum acupoint is the key acupoint for treating the prostate disease. which it is the main point of longevity of the human body, the place where the seven channels of the yin meridian meet,the vital part of human life activity, it can dredge internal arteries and veins and promote the exchange and circulation of Yin and Yang.

    How does Male Led Light Therapy Treat Prostate?

    First Point: abdominal acupoint is covered.

    Second Point: when the high energy spotlight probe has a strong penetrability to irradiate the perineum acupoint, and then prostate gland directly.

    Third Point: Covering the core acupuncture points on the back, such as shenshu and mingmen, to replenish the renal power, double the energy and reproduce the vitality.

    How to Operate the Male Led Light Therapy Machine?

    We suggest 2-3 times per day at 5-7am or 7-9pm, set 5 minutes of blue light and 30 minutes of red light in the first month. One month later, set 40 minutes of red light. 

    What is the Package Include?


    One Piece Single Lamp Bead Probe

    One Piece Single Lamp Bead Probe

    One Piece Single Module Probe

    User Manual 

    Intelligent/Easy to Operate

    • Set the time 30-40 minutes 
    • Set the Red or Blue light therapy mode

    High-end, Wearable Design

    • With Three High Quality Led Therapy Light Pads to help you get excellent result 
    • Wear the Therapy Light Pad to the right area of your body, Press the ON button of the host to start the treatment. 

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