6 Channel Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument

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Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument( Nerve and Muscle Stimulator) is combined modern microcomputer technology with traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture ad meridian Theory, based on the traditional SDZ series of electronic acupuncture treatment instrument. The device is used for applying the low-frequency pulse to stimulate the points of the human body, may be used to apply an electrical current to electrodes on a patient's skin to treat pain. This device doesn't include acupuncture needles, combining with acupuncture needles in use.


  • Effectively detect human acupuncture points
  • With the function of needleless acupuncture & pulse therapy effect
  • Replace artificial massage,
  • With medical timing device and music reminder function
  • With the boot output security protection device
  • The fundamental pulse output has the characteristics of low voltage, low frequency, and the same range as the human physiological frequency range.
  • The treatment is safe and effective


1) Pulse wave: there are 5 types of pulse waves to be selected.

  • Continuous wave
  • Intermittent wave
  • Dense-disperse wave
  • Ripple wave
  • Respiration wave

2) Six kinds of wave combinations can be used at the same time or separately, and the output of each one can be regulated independently. In order to strengthen the effect, please get the two output or more crossed to use."
3) Output insulation degree≤10%
4) Detecting sensitivity: The AR is-20KΩ when detected resistance "R" is between 20KΩ~500KΩ, The AR is-50KΩ when the resistance R is between 510KΩ~1KΩ. The twinkling frequency of frequency lamp & music slice frequency should increase.
5) Output DC: 0
6) Input power ≤10VA
7) Output pulse frequency: 1~100Hz adjustable
8) Output pulse amplitude: maximum impulse amplitude between(35±10v)Vp based on 500 ohms.
9) Power voltage: DC9V(6 pieces UM2).
10) Weight: 1.6kgs
11) Measurement: 222x172x75mm
12) Built-in music timing switches and voltmeter
13) Built-in safety protection device for users
14) DC9V(1.5x6)/CR14/UM2 type battery/AC adapter
15) 220V, 110V power adaptors, can be selected. Also, the "worldwide auto voltage adapter" can be selected.

The instrument is operated easily and reliable in curative effect. It is suitable for clinical electro-pulsed acupuncture therapy, and it is especially effective for common diseases such as lumbar muscle strain and periarthritis of shoulder.
KWD-808 I pulse acupuncture treatment instrument uses low-frequency pulse current to stimulate the meridian points of the human body, so that the status of the ion fraction in the tissue changes, regulates the tension of the neuromuscular tissue, promotes peripheral blood circulation and makes the body excitatory or suppresses the partial prosperity partial weakening state. Adjusted to achieve balanced analgesia, anti-inflammatory, detumescent, and promote the clinical role of tissue regeneration.

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